Best Maui Wedding Photography

wedding flowers with candles and glassware and plates at a wedding table on Maui, Hawaii
Four Seasons Wedding
Just married couple holding hands at Hyatt Maui
Gorgeous Reception Table
Bride & Bridesmaids before wedding
Two lovely brides having  a kiss after getting married
Gorgeous wedding cake
Gorgeous Flowers
Two Grooms having an intimate moment
Stunning rings
Bride & her bridesmaids before wedding
Beautiful Flower
Happy Brides & Bridesmaids
Bride with flying veil
Amazing reception table with center flowers
Cool Groom & Groomsmen before wedding
Stylish couple having a kiss

Thank you so much for taking a look at my Best Maui Wedding Photography Galleries. Being a passionate Maui Photographer for over two decades I have been refining my style & learning as much as I can for all these years. The beginning of my photography career started when I was a banquet worker in three prominent Maui luxury hotels. The most important thing you learn working in a FIVE STAR Resort is to go above & beyond in delivering an exceptional service. This starts with being exceptionally prepared for what ever task is at hand, anticipating the clients needs (Even before the client knows he/she needs something), having a fantastic attitude & creating an experience that is unmatched. I have taken this taken this “Knowledge”  & carried it directly to my photography career!  By implementing these practices for more then two decades, I have honed in on making the experience as important as the quality of the imagery! And it’s just not the day of experience! It’s also the great communication before the event & following the plan of the day set by the coordinator. Sometimes needing to adjust as necessary in the heat of the moment due to weather or other unseen  circumstances. Most often though it has something to do with weather and that is where being prepared is everything with umbrellas & rain protection for my clients/gear which I always carry with me.

Having been in the hospitality industry for all these years I have found I absolutely LOVE connecting with my clients like they are long lost friends, and it happens all the time with my easy going friendly manner. Especially with larger weddings, where we are connecting on the phone & social media way before the wedding. I find you can really cultivate a friendship long before the big day & then when it finally happens it seems more like a reunion of friends! I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Before the pandemic it happened with Bianca  & Jordan whose wedding I shot at Sugar Beach Events & when we met we were hugging and we were laughing uncontrollably with in five minutes. Seriously the Best!

Of course the day of the event has it’s structure created by the coordinator & meeting this timeline is so important for all of the vendors involved. This is where experience comes in & knowing of the timing of sunset & getting everything done on time, BUT also being able to create magic in a short amount of time with out creating pressure on the clients. This is a learned skill that I have been refining for years! (If you have questions about the timeline of your event form a pro photographers perspective please call me & lets chat!) From years of experience I have shot list of must have images in my head that I will definitely work on capturing, but I am always open for your shot list of must haves. After all, this is your wedding & your vision of your wedding is what you are hiring me to capturing! This is where that good communication comes into play so we are both on the same page & creating imagery that is meaningful & poignant! I shoot in a style where sometimes I try to be an observer capturing unseen moments & other times helping to direct as need to set shots ups. In addition I shoot natural light as much as the conditions at that moment dictate or using off camera lighting to help modify harsher lighting as needed. Being able to quickly set up & create imagery in both styles makes me versatile & quick to get imporatant shots & move on to the next.


Gorgeous Bride
Excited couple kissing at White Orchid Beach House
Bride in a tropical forest
Gorgeous Bride before wedding
Couple Kissing
Wedding party looking in camera
Happy Just Married Wedding couple
Wedding couple under the most amazing  flower arch
Kissing couple in front of stained glass window Grand Wailea
Groomsman picking up groom
Dancing couple at Grand Wailea
Pretty flowers & heals
Most Beautiful Wedding Cake & Flutes
Couple kissing during sunset
Intimate Couple with sunset in background
Beautiful bride with her husband looking on
Couple kissing with cool shadows
Wedding party jumping on beach
Dramatic Sunset for this sweet couple
Most amazing venue for a maui wedding

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