So you are on the fence over having the big grandiose wedding your family is TELLING you to have, or running off to Hawaii, just the two of you, to run and frolic on the beach the way you have in your dreams!

Over the years, I literately have heard this SO MANY TIMES! It is just too common that the family is calling the shots and making the decisions on what your most important day should look like. Really you should listen to what your heart is telling you to do, but there are certainly some really attractive perks that come with eloping.  

So I completely understand why so many couples choose just to run off and do what they want and what they choose to do. Of course, being a professional photographer in Hawaii I prefer this as well. The benefits of going this route are numerous and make it a much more attractive way to go. Here are some tips to make your Elopement  easy and stress free. 

The very first thing to know is the sky is the limit. Literally! You could do a helicopter wedding landing in a remote location with just a pilot, a minister and a photographer. You could marry on the summit of a 10,000 foot volcano at sunrise or sunset, perhaps a jungle wedding in Hana with waterfalls or an adventure photography session before/after the wedding giving you a complete feel for true Hawaii! Let your imagination run wild as there are no limits.

Personally, I LOVE IT when the couple chooses to do an ELOPEMENT THEIR WAY. It shows not only their style, but also the unique ways they choose to celebrate and express their love for each other. Of course, doing a more adventurous elopement makes incredible photo opportunities and will make especially profound memories.   Planning a three to five hour photo session is reasonable in price and will guarantee that you get all of the great moments that tell the story of your day. This includes moments from getting ready, to exploring through the rain forest, to sharing the most amazing Hawaiian sunset documented for you to cherish for a lifetime.     

Eloping Couple kissing at their amazing wedding venue at sunset

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