Having a Blast at White Rock Beach, Wailea

Having a Blast at White Rock Beach, Wailea

Oh what fun this sweet family from Oregon is! I was met by three siblings and a few grown ups having a blast at White Rock beach, Wailea, Maui. Little Charlie was a ham for the camera and had some swagger! The middle brother, Henry certainly has some style as well, and what a cute smile! Then there is Alice who is a little mini model, instantly striking a pose with an expressionless face & big eyes. So easy to take pictures of these little cuties!

I had taken pictures of this family two years ago and when they came back to Maui for vacation, they called me again. Alisa had told me that on their shoot before, it was one of those days where there was no sunset, so they were very excited about the GORGEOUS beach and that the sun was shining brightly, maybe finally providing that sunset they had missed before. (Little did they know how good it was going to get!)

We were pretty unscripted, as I just wanted them to have fun with each other on the beach! I was able to capture several candid and special moments between the family members. They had brought matching florescent green sunglasses that were a HOOT, making for great pics! The one who loved the glasses the most was little Charlie! He kept holding them with two hands just looking over the top! So dang cute!

Finally the sun started to slide down to the horizon & the entire sky was lit up with these amazing clouds! It was absolutely spectacular! The Betz family scores the perfect Hawaiian Sunset on a beach in Maui! Awesome!

14_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Family_Portraits 15_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Family_Portraits 17_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Family_Portraits

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50th Wedding Anniversary at The Fairmont Kea Lani

50th Wedding Anniversary at The Fairmont Kea Lani

The Svoboda Family was visiting from the south east US, celebrating their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary at the Fairmont Kea Lani hotel. What a great accomplishment and what a great family! They were all so excited about being together on a beach at sunset, in Hawaii. They spent the week enjoying the great pools, fabulous dining, manicured grounds & the gorgeous Polo beach all week. They had seen whales & turtles, but most importantly they were doing it all together as a one big family!

The evening we had our family photo shoot was just about perfect. Light trade winds flowed through the lobby of the hotel as well as that gorgeous window light that photographers LOVE. We made our way to the beach where the kids just went wild. They were exploring, running up & down the beach and having a blast. It was definitely one of the most fun photo shoots Polo Beach has seen in a while!. It was a spectacular sunset & the family could not have been any happier with the way the evening turned out! The very last picture was actually just one image from a series, of everyone trying to jump at the same time. I had my camera set to high speed and out of all of the images I shot, only in this one did they all get their feet off the ground at the same time. Good job Svoboda family on all lifting off at the same time!


Enjoy the images & thank you so much for including me in your family’s important milestone!


A Hui Ho Tad


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Family Time at Mama’s Fish House

Family Time at Mama’s Fish House

The Orr family visiting Maui, from Texas was having one of the best vacations ever. They were staying at The Wailea Beach Villas & had already been treated to beautiful days & amazing sunsets! Now they traveled to Maui’s North Shore for Family Time at Mama’s Fish House, one of Maui’s top rated restaurants. The weather on this particular day had been threatening to rain, (& it did actually rain), but by the time they arrived was picture perfect! The sun was filtering through high clouds above the west Maui mountains, making for spectacular lighting. With some big surf on this particular day we had to wait ready at a moments notice to get the waves exploding in the background! Incredible! The Orr Family was ecstatic about how the evening had begun & were eager to experience Mama’s Fish House as they had heard was a unique experience it is!


















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A Winter Family Portrait in Kihei

A Winter Family Portrait in Kihei

Maui is the place many people come to escape the long winter months. This adorable family is no exception. Coming from Canada, they were eager to get to the beach and play in the waves. This was the perfect winter family portrait in Kihei! They found a quiet little beach to enjoy across the street from their hotel and it was perfect for this shoot. Totally empty for the entire session! The sunset was unbeatable yet again. There is just something so amazing about the South Maui sunsets. And this loving, fun family made it even more incredible!

Great family, great photos, great day!


Tad Craig Photography