She says YES & then he surprises her with a romantic weekend to Maui!

Just this past Easter Sunday, Casler, had hidden Easter Eggs all over, with his girlfriend unaware of his intention, she begins to search for eggs. After finding eggs hidden in various spots, she finds the “Golden Egg”. Opening it, she sees the engagement ring he had hidden in there, he drops to one knee, pops the question & she says “YES”! Very romantic!
He, then surprises her with a engagement getaway to Maui, where he has many other romantic surprises already planned, including an engagement session with me.
They wanted something a little different so I took them to this cool jungle spot on Maui’s West side to start with. We found this spot that had this incredible natural back lighting happening.
Adri was a trooper mountain climbing in her super tall heels, but the results of her efforts were definitely worth it. Loving all the natural beauty around them, they enjoyed some very sweet moments that made for great photography. We continued to another location where the tall pine trees made for another terrific background as they spontaneously held hands & danced. The journey continued to the lava rocks in front of Merriman’s Restaurant in Kapalua. Was just loving the cool reflections coming from the wet rocks.
Adri wanted to feel the soft sand of Kapalua Beach so we finished on the sand @ Sunset time. Was a another terrific sunset with a peppering of clouds over Molokai which lit up it up with some awesome colors as the evening sun hit it. Adri & Casler were pretty much speechless as they reminisced about their evening. Casler was not done with the surprises though, as he topped the evening off with a Romantic Dinner for Two at Merriman’s restaurant.
Congratulations Adri & Casler & I wish you both the very, very best for your future.
Enjoy your pictures! Tad