Nancy & Scott have an illuminating story of how they met and it is in the name of photography. Nancy & Scott met while they were both working in the photography industry in Pennsylvania. She was an amateur photographer and Scott worked at the photography supply store, where Nancy went to purchase low light film and they have been together ever since.
They both wanted to get married on Maui since they had visited before and knew right away that this would be the perfect place to wed. Nancy beamed with love as she walked down the isle to meet Scott, the love of her life which she has spent many magnificent days and nights with but today on Maui, they were ready to make it official. They both embraced the moment when Minister Laki granted them the gift of togetherness. It was a wondrous affair on the beautiful beach with the waves lapping upon the sand, the wind rustling the palm trees and the clouds caressing the Maui sky. They celebrated their special day with their friends who where celebrating their 20 years together! It was a day filled with love! Congratulations to this match made in heaven.











Mahalo to all the wonderful vendors who made this gorgeous wedding happen. Jackie and Lori of Tropical Maui Weddings for coordinating this event. Pastor Laki, for his sermon, Pam Jenson for makeup and hair.