Their Maui Wedding was everything they imagined & more!

Set up on a blind date by friends is how Annie and Richard met!

Instantly hitting it off lead to another date and another date & a year later lead to Richard proposing on Thanksgiving night in front of 50 cheering friends and family! Now they have traveled all the way to Maui to say their nuptials in front of about 80 friends & family!
Annie looked exceptionally beautiful in her flowing dress & flower haku adorned on her head.

As we talked & walked across the hotel I could sense the anticipation Annie was feeling. With Richard standing on the floating bridge, the moment of the “First Look” was here. She playfully bounced the bridge & when he turned you could see their love and excitement! Beautiful!
The ceremony site had gorgeous flowers all around with a truly magical arch by Asa Flowers & of course the background was stunning.

Holding hands, looking into each other eyes they whispered their vows! Was just about perfect!
With sunset fast approaching, we made our way to the ocean & were treated to another spectacular sunset. They both were loving the moment wearing smiles as wide as their heads! LOVE THAT!
The reception was just a stones throw from the sunset & again were treated to mother nature putting on a show. My assistant and second photographer, Marie-Claude Adams, shot that pic with all the purples & pinks in the sky! Gorgeous!
Congratulations to Annie & Richard & their saying vows to each other!

Many Mahalos to Brittany McIntyre from the Hyatt Regency Maui in Lahaina for coordinating this fine event & all the other vendors who made this happen. You are all credited down below! One more shout out to thank my assistant Marie-Claude Adams for the beautiful detail pictures & her commitment to deliver the very best!
1_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 2_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 3_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 4_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 5_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 6_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 7_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 8_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 9_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 10_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 11.5_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 11_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 12_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 13_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 14_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 15_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 16_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 17_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 18.8_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 18_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 19_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 20_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 21_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 22_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 23_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 24_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 25_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer 26_Annie_Richard_HyattRegencyMaui_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photographer

Dress – Les Habitudes, Los Angeles
Shoes – Funky Monkey, Nordstoms (both bride and her girls)
Jewelry –Local Hawaiian artists, Cocovai & Sea Salt Hawaii (both bride and her girls)
Rings – Tiffany’s

Bridesmaid dresses – Anthropology
MOB dress and Grandma’s outfit – LeTarte, Paia Maui
FOB outfit – Tommy Bahama in Whalers Village


Suit – Nordstrom (both groom and boys pants)
Shoes – Sperry (both groom and his boys)
Suspenders – Local from Hawaii, Ebay
Groomsmen shirts – Reyn Spooner

Ring- Na Hoku

Wedding planner – Brittany McIntyre
Pastor – Cleighton Akea Eaton
DJ – Bud Gallarta with Chill Town
Hawaiian Guitarist – Hale Villarimo, Tihati Productions

Headpiece and flowers – Asa Flowers
Cake, Food, palm lighting, tables, etc – Hyatt
Thank you gifts – Filthy Farmgirl Soap, Made in Hawaii
Shark cake topper – On Top of the World, MorganTheCreator
Surfboard – DecoSurf, Made in Florida
Save the Dates, Invitations, Table Cards & Escort Cards – Mavora by Abby Morton
All Maui signs – Sand People, Maui
Photography- Tad Craig & Marie-Claude Adams!