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The Stunning Hale Koolani Estate in Lahaina is absolutely perfect for a luxurious wedding! Beautiful location, gorgeous views and a breathtaking Estate! Brittany & Mike were absolutely flying high with wedding bells in their heads & ALL of their closest friends & family here for their sweet nuptials!
This story actually begins years ago, when I photographed Kristy & Hugo’s awesome wedding @ The Beautiful Paradise Point. Kristy is Brittany’s sister and when they began planning Brittany’s wedding my name came up. Here’s the link to see Kristy and Hugo’s wedding.
Location, location, location. You hear that a lot when planning a wedding, but not until you are standing on the property looking down on the distant ocean, palm trees & islands in almost every direction that you really know what an incredible property this is and why Brittany & Mike chose this great spot.
There were so MANY cute little details all over the venue that made everything stand out. Just about everywhere you looked, great care was spent in creating a memorable wedding themed with blues & pinks.
Mother nature also helped with delivering that bold colorful sky. Brittany’s BFF’s & Mom were all there helping her get ready, drinking champagne & having a ton of fun.
  The wedding time came and Britt’s dad walked her down the aisle & handed  her off to his new son in law.
Minister Paul Tangonian led the ceremony with a short elegant speech, they kissed & finally after ALL these years they were  married.
The bar opened & the party got started with all the guests  enjoying the lavish spread & terrific views. I especially loved the shots of the arch, palm trees & house with the West Maui Mountains in the background. The soft light we had made for terrific photos & kept it a lot cooler.
After a long cocktail party all the guests sat down for the toasts which were so funny, they had everyone cracking up. Once all the toasts had been made I asked Britt & Mike if they wanted to do a daring shot with them walking out on the edge of the Infinity pool. My concern as always is for no one to fall in & get wet. “No Problem” she told me.
Gingerly she walked all the way out on the narrow lip of the pool & OMG I LOVE THOSE INFINITY POOL SHOTS! So cool & definitely different as there are not many places that have such an incredible pool with these amazing views!
With all my shots done of the wedding couple, the wedding party also made their way out on the narrow lip.
I was VERY nervous about this as most had a few drinks & they were all joking around with each other & I thought for sure their was a REAL possibility of them all crashing in the pool. They all did fine & we got some just terrific shots! Was very stoked with the color & look of those pics especially!
Meanwhile we were watching the sun get closer & closer to the horizon & I knew I had to get the whole wedding party in the limo & get to the beach! With a quick drive down the hill we made it to Launiupoko beach park, just in time to get a few quick sunset shots & fun wedding party shots!
Did a little back lighting in those pics making the paper umbrellas light up nicely.  Once we had finished all these pics it was back in the limo & back up the hill for the cutting of the cake, first dance & parent dances. Wow what a fun group of wedding par-tiers they were. All just loving the moment & celebrating as a BIG HAPPY family.
Absolutely a joy to be part of this wedding & of course Kristy & Hugo’s wedding a few years earlier. Thank you to the Jolstead family for including me in not just one but TWO daughters weddings. I am so honored.
Enjoy the images again!
Mahalo, Tad!
1.5_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 2_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 3_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 4.5_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 4_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 5_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography5.5_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 6_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography
7_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 8_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 9_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 10_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 11_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 12_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 13_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 14_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 15_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography15.215.5_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 16.2_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 16_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 17_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 18_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 19.5_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography20_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 21_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 22_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 23_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_Photography 24_Brittany_Mike_Tad_Craig_Photography_A_Maui_Wedding_Day_Maui_Wedding_PhotographyCongratulation’s to Brittany & Mike who married on Saturday @ The Stunning Hale Koolani – Maui Wedding Venue Estate on Maui’s West side.
Thank you to all the vendors:
Catering: Three’s catering
Pacific Isle Rentals
Maui Wedding Flowers by Valerie Spalding
Hair and makeup: Montage Spa
Cakes: Cake Fanatics Maui
DJ Services with Scott Duran
Limousine and Shuttle Executive Transportation Services
Minister: Paul Tangonian
Wedding Coordinator, Sandra Wagner from A Maui Wedding Day
On site coordinator assistant, Monica Casperino
Photographer: Tad Craig Photography
Second Photographer: Marie-Claude Adams