Shantell and Miro Marry at The Royal Lahaina Resort

Shantell and Miro Marry at The Royal Lahaina Resort

Having dated for many, many years Shantell & Casmiro finally marry on Maui’s west side @ The Royal Lahaina Hotel. With just a few family members & friends in attendance it was a small affair but most importantly all of their kids were there part of the celebration. The wedding was short & sweet & weather dramatic but not raining. Maui Wedding photographer Tad Craig was capturing all the moments their sweet kids were having. Later we traveled up the coast to Merrimans Restaurant @ Kapalua Bay for sunset pictures & the reception.


A terrific couple full of love & tenderness & amazing little kids. Was very beautiful evening. Congrats to the happy couple.

The Royal Lahaina Resort is an amazing place for a wedding… Aloha







Tad Craig Photography. Royal Lahaina Resort, Maui wedding Photographer

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