Wedding Day Adventures on Maui

Wedding Day Adventures on Maui

What an extraordinary wedding day Hannah and Jonathan had with many adventures! They were married on the south side in the morning and then they were able to experience everything Maui had to offer!  They had perfect blue Makena skies, they swam in crystal emerald waters, drank champagne in an elegant limo, enjoyed the stylish amenities at The Ritz-Carlton,  explored the lush tropical rainforest and had picturesque amazing double rainbows and an unforgettable sunset that left them speechless! Their wedding day adventures started early with a wedding package that included a photographer so I didn’t get to witness their actual nuptials, but as soon as it was over we started our all day photo session!

We started at Makena Cove and we found the beach practically deserted, it was bathed in warm tropical light and they enjoyed their new status as husband and wife and laughed and kissed and frolicked in the morning beauty! They changed from their wedding clothes to beach attire and they continued their beach love as they rolled in the sand and kissed as passionately as a newly married couple can!

After a midday siesta, I met them at the marvelous Ritz Carlton Hotel on Maui’s far west side! I loved the tulip shaped flowers on the giant tree in the entrance of the hotel!  We explored different locations as we continued documenting the day.  Not far from this sensational hotel is this hidden rainforest that lends itself to the most amazing pictures! Once, a long time ago, one of my images taken in this astounding forest went viral with over 25,000 likes! We entered into this fantastic forest and it was overwhelming and by the look on their faces, I could tell they too were blown away! Oh my goodness there are so many incredible spots to choose from and it was not difficult coming up with many superb images! We continued on the journey and we made our way to another dynamite location with tall pine trees that were first brought to the Hawaiian Islands to use as masts for sailing ships and now used as a fabulous backdrop to Hannah & Jonathon’s Love!  Again they were amazed!

We then moved on to Kapalua Beach which was astonishingly deserted and they ran hand in hand down the beach, they walked in the water and took selfies. We then moved to the rocks where we again were impressed by the delightfully colorful double rainbow that formed! I mean seriously does it get any better?  Well actually it does because within minutes the rainbow disappeared and the sunset over the island of Molokai erupted in gorgeous saturated yellows & reds!

Hannah & Jonathon were truly blessed with a gorgeous wedding day anyone could ask for!

Congratulations to these two lovers! 🌴💦🌈😀😎💍👍🏼

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What an extraordinary wedding day Hannah and Jonathan had with many adventures! They were married on the south side in the morning and then they were able to experience everything Maui had to offer!
Married under a Maui Rainbow

Married under a Maui Rainbow

Esther and Danny were married under a breathtaking Maui Rainbow! I arrived at the Plantation House in Kapalua and I knew as a Maui wedding photographer, that the chances for rain on this particular day were good. As the day progressed, the sky began to clear and it was looking favorable for the gorgeous wedding planned in the next few hours! Esther came to the meet area and I was immediately impressed not only by her beauty and her radiant smile but also her stunning “PRE” wedding dress she had made herself,  just for the occasion! YES, she made it herself!  Coming from New York, both she and her boyfriend have great fashion sense and keep up with the latest trends! She then changed into her elegant wedding dress which, of course, made for great pictures! Let me not forget to mention Danny who was very well dressed and adorned with charming shoes and socks!

There was a slight rain delay just before the ceremony and then as we started, a sparse mist began to fall, but there was no stopping this pair from saying their “I Do’s” and we continued! Recognizing the situation I noticed the rainbow it was right overhead as they were saying their vows! It was very beautiful and romantic! The slight mist turned to a few more drops as the ceremony continued and soon it was finished and they were husband and wife!  The sun began to shine and a slight mist continued to fall and the Maui Rainbow hovered above the Plantation House for a long time making for amazing pictures. Esther & Danny loved that the rainbow shone so bright for them on their special day.

Once we had finished off all of the family and friend photos, we continued down to the golf course to create a few romantic moments when we came upon the stunning bougainvillea plant.  The whole sequence of pictures taken there were with both of them having a great time on their wedding day, laughing, whispering in each other’s ears and enjoying their first moments as man and wife. We then walked up the hill and the sky began to light up in golden hues which made for a spectacular picture of them with the huge open sky! One of my favorite pictures! While we were walking back to the Plantation House, Elaine had an idea for a picture with the gorgeous doors that are around 20 feet tall. It turned out beautifully. Thanks for your idea Elaine! The dining room was decked out with gorgeous flowers and made for marvelous pictures. Congratulations to this happy couple and thank you so much for choosing Tad Craig Photography to document your beautiful wedding day!
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Thanks to Elaine for planning this perfect destination wedding and making their dreams of a Hawaiian wedding come true! I love the Plantation House Restaurant  which is high on the hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, as it is so picturesque with amazing views in every direction! Also thanks to Kimo Kirkman for his thoughtful words during the ceremony and Ginny for her sweet sounds on the harp and also Maui Wedding Cakes. Last shout out to Sunya’s Florals for the great bouquet! #plantationhouserestaurant #sunyasflowers @sunyasflowers #mauiweddingcakes @mauiweddingcakes