Finally Getting their Dream Maui Wedding

Finally Getting their Dream Maui Wedding

Lauren & Ethan, Finally get their Dream Maui Wedding, and it was Glorious!  It was a perfect bluebird day and their wedding location was high on the hill overlooking the beautiful blue pacific ocean!  I eyed the colorful bougainvillea bush, knowing that we would make our way back to this gorgeous setting to capture a few amazing moments! I made my way to the Grande reception hall and I was greeted with an impressive table set to perfection with flowers generously decorated with a copious amount of details making for gorgeous pictures! The entire room smelled as delicious as it looked! After I had captured all the images I needed, I continued the trek to meet the bride! Lauren was in the initial stages of getting ready so I had time to capture lovely moments of her getting ready! Once she was ready, we moved to the small creek flowing through the property where we captured beautiful bridal portraits and finally it was wedding time! They had already married 4 years earlier so this is technically a vow renewal, but when then did first marry, it was in a court house, with no family and no friends in attendance! So really this was the wedding they had both dreamed of!!

Lauren walked into the wedding site with Ethan waiting to meet his lovely bride and finally say their vows they had always wanted to say with their families and friends watching! Joe Miles was their officiant and blessed them with his incredible words. What he said really touched me deeply and I was only listening from afar! Great Job JOE! Soon it ended with everyone congratulating them and wishing them the best! It was beautiful!

Once we had finished with all of the family photos there was a nice moment where the two of them were sitting at the site talking and whispering into each other’s ears. The shots of the two of them sitting there were so pretty!  We then journeyed to White Rock Beach where the soft light made for beautiful images at sunset.  The sun was bright orange and was about to be swallowed by the ocean as the two of them embraced each other on their special day on Maui.  We then headed back to the reception where it was a nicely arranged with the array of flowers, food, and the reception table. The music began to play and Lauren & Ethan had their first dance, I was able to capture that moment and I then left the two newlyweds to dance, laugh and celebrate the night away.

I always ask my client’s how they met and I wanted to share their story with you in Lauren’s special words.  Please enjoy.

Ok, here’s our story….

I was introduced to Ethan by my step-mother, who was living in Colorado, also Ethan’s hometown, while I was going to nursing school in Texas, living with my mother. She had known Ethan for many years, and she waited many years until she knew we were both single at the same time to make her move. The first time Ethan called me, he was literally at the airport getting ready to ship off to boot camp. Our first conversation was weird because we both felt like we had known each other for years. He asked me to write him while he was in boot camp, and so I did. I think we started to fall in love through our letters. We both realized that we had sooo much in common, including both having a goal to live on one of the Hawaiian islands once our careers were started. He used to live in Maui for 5 years, working as a cordon Bleu chef at I’O and he has always wanted to return for good. This is where his heart and soul lives. Anywho…he had his mother send me a plane ticket to come meet him in person for the first time at his boot camp graduation. I went…we met…and spent about 1 day together before he had to report to his command. I flew home and told my best friend, this man will be my husband. We kept in contact through Skype as he completed his submariner schools. He asked me to marry him 4 months into our relationship. We agreed that we would get married but for 1 yr live apart because I had just signed a year contract at a major hospital in Texas, and we knew that the only submarine bases in the states were in San Diego or Washington, or Hawaii. Everyone told him, there was no way he’d get orders to go to hawaii because it is very rare, so we never considered it. About a week before he was to graduate and come to Texas to marry me, he received his orders for….Oahu! At first, we were sooo happy because I knew he wanted to be in Hawaii but then we realized that it would be way to difficult and expensive commute to see each other. He graduated, hopped on a plane, and married me the very next day, on the second time we had ever even seen each other in person, or spend more than one day together, but when it’s right, it’s right. We had a small court house ceremony with my son and step-mother as witness. Two weeks later, I decided to leave my job, pull my son out of school and move to Hawaii to be with him. After 3 years, I had a great job and was ready to throw us a special wedding with our closest friend and family, on the land that he feels is heaven on earth, Maui! Now, married for almost 4 years, we are still as happy as we can be, more deeply in love than ever, and devoted to one another for life. Our wedding in Maui was so special, small, and perfect for us…one of the best days of our lives.

2_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography1_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography 3_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography 4_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography 5_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography 6_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography7_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography8_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography9_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography10_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography11_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography12_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography13_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography14_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography15_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography16.5_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography16_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography17_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography18_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography19_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography20_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography21_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography22_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_Photography23_Hotel_Wailea_Tad_Craig_PhotographyThanks to America planning this perfect destination wedding and making their dreams of a Hawaiian wedding come true! Love the boutique Hotel Wailea as it is so picturesque with amazing views in every direction! Also thanks to Joe Miles for his thoughtful words during the ceremony and the sweet sound Jimmy of Manutea Nui E created! Hair and Makeup by Salon 253 and a shout out to Dellables for the gorgeous flowers on their table and her stunning bouquet! #hotelwailea @hotelwailea @dellablesfloraldesign @della_peacock @salon253 #manuteanuie