Lisa & Jeff’s Westin Wedding

Lisa & Jeff’s Westin Wedding

Lisa, Jeff and I began talking about their wedding plans early on and I suggested that we start following each other on social media. It was very special being able to see a little about their lives leading up to the wedding. As the wedding day approached, they were posting hilarious pictures about their travels to Hawaii and the outrageous fun they were having on Maui. From looking at those pictures, I knew this was going to be a fun group and I was not mistaken!

The day of the wedding was gorgeous with trade winds blowing making the tropical surroundings much cooler and the location on Kaanapali beach stunning.  Jeff watched intently as dazzling Lisa made her way down the stairs in her white flowing gown with her father guiding the way.  Fred Torres was the minister extraordinaire; he used such eloquent words to join Lisa and Jeff at the altar. Lisa was extremely giddy with excitement and it was great watching them exchange their nuptials. They finally kissed and everyone celebrated by yelling and hollering.   It was terrific to watch two people ready to start their new lives together!

After the ceremony, we explored the beautiful Westin Resort and Spa, in search for a romantic spot where we could create and capture irreplaceable moments. We found many spaces that will be remembered for years to come.  I especially love the first picture of the two of them at their reception area.  It is so gorgeous! Congratulations to these two best friends who married each other! Thanks for including TCP in making your Maui Memories!

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Mahalo to Sarah of The Westin Resort and Spa Maui for coordinating this fine wedding to perfection. Fred Torres was the minister extraordinaire, Asa Flowers took care of all the gorgeous flowers everywhere! Also a shout out to DJDan! Always a hoot working with him!👏🏿👏🏿😎Lastly All Time Media was doing video! #weddingwire #westin #westinmauiresort #Maui #mauilove #mauiwedding #mauiweddingphotographer #mauidestinationphotographer #asaflowers #alltimemedia @alltimemedia @mauidano #sayhellotothedodges @jeffkdodge @lisawilde18

Cindy & Jeremy’s Return to Maui

Cindy & Jeremy’s Return to Maui

So where do I start??? I guess I have to start at Cindy and Jeremy’s sensational wedding a few years ago at Makena Cove. Cindy was wearing a beautiful beaded wedding dress and her little bump was present for all to see. I was fascinated when I was able to meet the little guy who is now so precious. Cindy has a great sense of humor and right from the VERY first time I met them, I was cracking up! Cindy is very funny and of course, that makes for very interesting photos! At their wedding, five years ago, Cindy was 6 months pregnant. We noticed the “Bump” sign in the street and it was a natural picture. They both had such amazing chemistry and the location at Makena Cove was absolutely gorgeous that day!
Now almost exactly five years later they returned with two beautiful kids in tow! Starting out where we had taken the “Bump” picture five years ago, we had cute little Devon, their daughter, holding the canvas of her dad, pointing at her in Mom’s belly! Seriously cute isn’t it?
It was so good to see them again and meet their little ones, they were just a joy to photograph. They both showed their own personality and, of course, Cindy’s amusing nature.
















Beautiful wedding at The Merriman’s Kapalua

Beautiful wedding at The Merriman’s Kapalua

Beautiful intimate wedding at The Merriman’s Kapalua


Stunning bride, sweet wedding, happy couple! He proposed and the same week they got married! Congratulations to Jessica & Billy!

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