Picture Perfect Wedding at Gannon’s Restaurant

Picture Perfect Wedding at Gannon’s Restaurant

  • Pretty much picture perfect for Callie and Kris’s nuptials at Gannon’s Restaurant! I loved working with these two and their families! Congratulations and thank you for making TCP part of your Maui memories!

  • Mahalo to Sarah of Gannon’s Restaurant planning this sweet couple’s wedding! Also thanks to Charles Nahale for his thoughtful words and humor! Callie’s bouquet made by Bella Bloom and Oren for making beautiful music of Barefoot Minded! Callie’s hair and makeup by Salon 253 and One last shout out to Paradise Event Rentals for the setup!

Pretty much picture perfect for Callie and Kris's nuptials at Gannons Restaurant!
Finding Love at Launiupoko

Finding Love at Launiupoko

I was very thrilled to be a part of this amazing wedding! My very good friend, Mark Friezner, who I ride bicycles with, had wanted me to cover his daughters’ wedding and he informed me that it was going to be very special, but I just didn’t realize how significant it was going to be! I had arrived early to the wedding location high on the hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Lahaina! The views in every direction were gorgeous. Flowers adorned all the tables and chairs and you could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air! I had first visited Mark’s room as he was getting ready with his groomsman and the noble little ring bearer. Mark was very casual, passing the time, having a few laughs with his friends. I then ventured off to the brides’ room, where getting ready was a frantic affair. There were so many girls getting their hair and makeup done and finding their jewelry, putting on dresses and adding the last minute touches, we had to work fast to capture the passing moments, but all ended well.  Amber, the bride, was so excited and looked stunning and I especially liked the few quiet moments she spent with her mom and dad. It was all very touching!

The wedding itself was gorgeous with all the guests looking on with love in their hearts as Amber & Mark joined their souls together as one. The location added to the meaningful and poignant words the minister said to them. Once the ceremony had finished, they flung their hands up in the air in celebration and they walked down the isle with their families and friends screaming in excitement for them.  It was magnificent! Later that day, we ventured down to the ocean for beach pictures and it was the first moment they were able to actually be alone with each other as husband and wife.   Amber and Mark are so kind and loving and they share a deep connection which I could sense as they walked and held each other. We continued on our photo adventure up the hill, but had to stop on the road as we looked at the INCREDIBLE backdrop of the West Maui Mountains surrounded by a the exquisite blue sky! It was so radiant as they held hands and playfully led each other up the center of the road celebrating their special day hand in hand.

When we returned to the estate, Amber & Mark were ready for their first dance! The sun was peaking through the trees which made for spectacular lighting with bokeh’s (which are the unfocused lights which you can see in the dance pictures).  The shot I especially liked was the one of Amber & Mark holding each other tightly looking into each other’s eyes and out of focus in the background are their parents looking on.  It couldn’t have been more perfect! I didn’t really know what to expect at sunset as we were so high on the hill, but as usual, the sunset was stunning! Everyone was very thrilled with the way the day had turned out! My favorite picture of the evening was before the toast, I noticed the wonderful backdrop and the “LOVE” signs and knew we had to combine these elements into one picture.  The last image of this post is the image of Amber & Mark kissing. It was such a fantastic night of celebration and connection of two beautiful souls & two loving families! Thanks for including Tad Craig Photography in creating your Maui Memories!2_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 3_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 4_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 5_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 7_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 8_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 9_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 10_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 11_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 12_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 13_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 14_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 15_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 16_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 17_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 18_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 19_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 20Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 21_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 22_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 23_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 24_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 25_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 26_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 27_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 28_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 29_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 30_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs 31_Tad_Craig_Photography_Teresa_Sena_Designs

Thanks to Sarah Cravalho planning this well organized shindig! The gorgeous flowers created by Teresa Sena Designs! Dale Votta Catering & Karen Friezner for all the awesomeness!!!

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I was very thrilled to be a part of this amazing wedding!
Best Friends Becoming One On A Maui Beach

Best Friends Becoming One On A Maui Beach

My friendship with Julie and Theo had started long before their wedding as they had started following me on social media, liking and commenting on certain images. I too had followed their IG account and noticed the excitement and anticipation building as the wedding got closer and closer. These two met riding horses in California, and their passion for horses made them move to Kentucky where they now have their own horse breeding ranch. This love of horses, led the two to becoming best friends and now they are marrying each other on the beautiful beach in Hawai’i.    

FINALLY, the day arrived and they were ever so excited! Julie was truly floating on cloud nine as she was getting ready for her girls and popping the bubbly! Their room at The Grand Wailea, was magnificent with such an amazing view of the beach with palm trees and the Pacific Ocean blue as far as you could see. After we had finished all the getting ready pictures we headed down to beautiful Wailea Beach.  Kimo Kirkman was the minister extraordinaire  who not only had them laughing just about every second, but also brought tears to their faces as they said their vows! Very touching! Kalani Miles serenaded them afterwards with his amazing guitar picking!

Once they were finished with all the beach and family pictures, we made our way to White Rock Beach where we found the gorgeous bougainvillea plants adding an intensely colorful background as they enjoyed tender kisses as husband and wife! On the beach, Theo spun his wife and the reaction on her face was priceless! They scored one amazing sunset and once finshed there we continued the journey to Gannon’s restaurant, where the super fab DJ Dan introduced the loving couple to an eager crowd who clapped, hooted and hollered as they walked in!  What an amazing night they had and THANKS to them for including Tad Craig Photography in their Maui Wedding Dreams! 1_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea 2_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea 3_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea 4_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea 5_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea 6_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea 7_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea 8_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 9_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 10_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 11_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 12_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 13_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 14_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 15_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 16_Tad_Craig_Photography_Grand_Wailea_Wailea_Beach 17_Tad_Craig_Photography_Gannon_s_Restaurant 18_Tad_Craig_Photography_Gannon_s_Restaurant 19_Tad_Craig_Photography_Gannon_s_Restaurant 20_Tad_Craig_Photography_Gannon_s_Restaurant 21_Tad_Craig_Photography_Gannon_s_Restaurant 24_Tad_Craig_Photography_Gannon_s_Restaurant 25_Tad_Craig_Photography_Gannon_s_Restaurant 25_Tad_Craig_Photography_White_Rock_Beach 26_Tad_Craig_Photography_White_Rock_Beach 27_Tad_Craig_Photography_White_Rock_Beach 28_Tad_Craig_Photography_White_Rock_Beach 31_Tad_Craig_Photography_White_Rock_BeachThanks to Leah of Island Wedding Memories for coordinating this fine wedding, Meili Autumn Beauty for hair and makeup, (Randall did Makup) Reverend Kimokirkman, Dan Of DJ Dan Maui, Kalani on ukulele, Brian on video and Maui Floral Elegance for her bouquet! All the pre wedding was at The gorgeous Grand Wailea, wedding was on Wailea Beach, the reception at Gannon’s Restaurant and sunset pictures on pretty White Rock beach! ‪#‎islandweddingmemories‬ @islandweddingmemories ‪#‎mauifloralelegance‬ ‪#‎maui‬ ‪#‎mauinokaoi‬ @lahainawarriors_3 @grandwailea @gannonsmaui @bevgannonmaui ‪#‎gannonsmaui‬ ‪#‎grandwailearesort‬ ‪#‎grandwailea‬ @mauidano @kalani36 ‪#‎julieandtheo‬

European Elopement on Maui

European Elopement on Maui

Meeting Ingrid & Beat at the entrance to Ironwood Beach on Maui’s West side, I immediately liked them. Beat had just said something funny to her & she was laughing! Of course her laughter spilled over to Marni the coordinator for this sweet elopement and she too was laughing! Meeting someone while they are laughing has got to be the best!

Coming all the way from Switzerland, they had decided that an elopement, just the two of them was what they wanted. She didn’t even have a wedding dress! Upon arriving on Maui they had last minute wedding plans with the coordinator and of course finding that dress!  Walking the streets of Paia town they found the Tamara Catz boutique and fell in love with this great dress that fit her style perfectly! Gorgeous!

So after some pre photos we walked down the long wooded pathway and out on to a deserted beach with the pacific ocean lapping at its edges! Beat continued to whisper in her ear making her laugh and enjoy every moment of the day! So romantic!

Their minister was Ernest Puaa, who is one of my favorites for the way he makes it so personal & genuine! The ceremony was actually pretty quick & suddenly it was done! They were married & both were just beaming with excitement! Ingrid loved Ernest’s words so much that she went up to him and sort of settled in to his arms to thank him. Was a super funny moment and you find that series of images and the the final picture where all three are laughing! Once we had finished the images with the minister, the three of us ventured up on to this super cool rock formation that had all sorts of unique photo options, including that ripping water reflection image that I love! Was such a great couple to photograph, seeing their joy & love for each other is what it is all about!

Congrats Ingrid & Beat!  2.5_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 2_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 3_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 4_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 5_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 6_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 7_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 8_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 9_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 10_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 11_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 12_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 13_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 14_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 15_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 16_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 17_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 18_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 19_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 20_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 21_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings

Thanks to Marni of Maui’s Angels for planning this sweet wedding! Also thanks to Ernest Puaa for his ceremony his choice words and for ripping the Ukulele. Ingrid’s flowers made by Sunya’s Flowers and her GORGEOUS dress came from the little boutique Tamara Catz in Paia! #mauiangels #mauiangelsweddings #mauilove #mauimemories #mauiweddingphotographer @lorriebetsillnielson @marnzee22 @mauisangels @sunyasflowers #weddingspin #happybride #greatdress @tamaracatz #tamaracatz #tamaracatzbride #weddingwire #longexposure