Love & Beauty on Kaanapali Beach

Love & Beauty on Kaanapali Beach

The Sweet, Sweet Love of Marah and Trent last night at The Westin Resort and Spa Maui! Such a joy to work with these two capturing their joy!😎👍🏿.

Mahalo to Sarah and Anna of The Westin Resort and Spa Maui for coordinating this fine wedding to perfection. Fred Torres was the minister extraordinaire, Hair and Makeup by Hair and Makup Maui, and Asa Flowers took care of all the gorgeous flowers and the fine sounds piercing the air was Barefoot Minded! #weddingwire #westin #westinmauiresort #Maui #mauilove #mauiwedding #mauiweddingphotographer #mauidestinationphotographer #asaflowers @asaflowers @thewestinmaui @spg @westin @thewestinmaui @barefootminded #barefootminded @hairandmakeupheather

The Sweet, Sweet Love of Marah and Trent last night at The Westin Resort and Spa Maui! Such a joy to work with these two capturing their joy
European Elopement on Maui

European Elopement on Maui

Meeting Ingrid & Beat at the entrance to Ironwood Beach on Maui’s West side, I immediately liked them. Beat had just said something funny to her & she was laughing! Of course her laughter spilled over to Marni the coordinator for this sweet elopement and she too was laughing! Meeting someone while they are laughing has got to be the best!

Coming all the way from Switzerland, they had decided that an elopement, just the two of them was what they wanted. She didn’t even have a wedding dress! Upon arriving on Maui they had last minute wedding plans with the coordinator and of course finding that dress!  Walking the streets of Paia town they found the Tamara Catz boutique and fell in love with this great dress that fit her style perfectly! Gorgeous!

So after some pre photos we walked down the long wooded pathway and out on to a deserted beach with the pacific ocean lapping at its edges! Beat continued to whisper in her ear making her laugh and enjoy every moment of the day! So romantic!

Their minister was Ernest Puaa, who is one of my favorites for the way he makes it so personal & genuine! The ceremony was actually pretty quick & suddenly it was done! They were married & both were just beaming with excitement! Ingrid loved Ernest’s words so much that she went up to him and sort of settled in to his arms to thank him. Was a super funny moment and you find that series of images and the the final picture where all three are laughing! Once we had finished the images with the minister, the three of us ventured up on to this super cool rock formation that had all sorts of unique photo options, including that ripping water reflection image that I love! Was such a great couple to photograph, seeing their joy & love for each other is what it is all about!

Congrats Ingrid & Beat!  2.5_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 2_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 3_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 4_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 5_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 6_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 7_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 8_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 9_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 10_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 11_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 12_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 13_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 14_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 15_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 16_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 17_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 18_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 19_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 20_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings 21_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_s_Angels_Weddings

Thanks to Marni of Maui’s Angels for planning this sweet wedding! Also thanks to Ernest Puaa for his ceremony his choice words and for ripping the Ukulele. Ingrid’s flowers made by Sunya’s Flowers and her GORGEOUS dress came from the little boutique Tamara Catz in Paia! #mauiangels #mauiangelsweddings #mauilove #mauimemories #mauiweddingphotographer @lorriebetsillnielson @marnzee22 @mauisangels @sunyasflowers #weddingspin #happybride #greatdress @tamaracatz #tamaracatz #tamaracatzbride #weddingwire #longexposure

A Marriage on the shores of Maui

A Marriage on the shores of Maui

Nancy & Scott have an illuminating story of how they met and it is in the name of photography. Nancy & Scott met while they were both working in the photography industry in Pennsylvania. She was an amateur photographer and Scott worked at the photography supply store, where Nancy went to purchase low light film and they have been together ever since.
They both wanted to get married on Maui since they had visited before and knew right away that this would be the perfect place to wed. Nancy beamed with love as she walked down the isle to meet Scott, the love of her life which she has spent many magnificent days and nights with but today on Maui, they were ready to make it official. They both embraced the moment when Minister Laki granted them the gift of togetherness. It was a wondrous affair on the beautiful beach with the waves lapping upon the sand, the wind rustling the palm trees and the clouds caressing the Maui sky. They celebrated their special day with their friends who where celebrating their 20 years together! It was a day filled with love! Congratulations to this match made in heaven.











Mahalo to all the wonderful vendors who made this gorgeous wedding happen. Jackie and Lori of Tropical Maui Weddings for coordinating this event. Pastor Laki, for his sermon, Pam Jenson for makeup and hair.

Ashley & Andrew Elope to Maui

Ashley & Andrew Elope to Maui

 Ashley & Andrew are keeping it simple!

I arrived at Ulua beach on Maui’s South shore to find a drop or two of rain falling, but not enough to be worried about it pouring down on us. Andrew, was relaxed and patiently waiting for the day’s events to unfold. He told me that they really wanted this day to be about them and wanted a simple ceremony with no stress of a big wedding.  That is why they had decided that Maui was the perfect place for the two of them to say their “I Do’s! Later at home they will have a big reception so their family & friends can also be apart of the celebration!

As we waited, his beautiful bride was being dropped off by a limo from The Fairmont Kea Lani, where they were staying. Stepping out on the red carpet of the limo, her smile gave away her excitement as she was absolutely beaming from ear to ear!  They were in good hands with Kimo Kirkman as their minister, as he is wonderful at keeping it serious with just enough comic relief to make it fun! With poignant words, a look into each others eyes and a kiss on the lips, they were finally married! They were blessed with a gorgeous sunset and were very excited at how beautiful the day had turned out!

Once we had finished with the sunset shots, we moved to the second part of the evening as their first dinner as husband and wife was scheduled in a private room at the Fairmont Kea Lani. The private room was breathtaking with a GIANT window looking out on to the swaying palms and manicured grounds of the hotel. IT is an absolutely gorgeous spot! Congratulations to these lovers tying the knot and thank you so much for making Tad Craig Photography apart of your Maui Memories! 🙂

1_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography 2_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography 3_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography 4_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography 5_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography 6_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography 8_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography 9_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography 10_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography_Fairmont_Kea_Lani 11_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography_Fairmont_Kea_Lani 12_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography_Fairmont_Kea_Lani 13_Island_Wedding_Memories_Tad_Craig_Photography_Fairmont_Kea_Lani

Location: The Fairmont Kea Lani

Coordinator: Leah of Island Wedding Memories

Minister: Kimo Kirkman

Hair & Makeup: Autumn Meili

Florals: Maui Elegance Floral Designs

Limousine: Hawaii Limo

A simple ceremony, Amazing photos

A simple ceremony, Amazing photos

A simple ceremony, Amazing photos. Jessica and Erik knew two things when they called wedding planner Leah Robb at Island Wedding Memories, they wanted a simple beach ceremony and amazing photos. They had been engaged for 3 years and were feeling the pressure from family and friends to finally officially “tie the knot”.

In fact, they hadn’t even planned to have a destination wedding when they booked their tickets to Maui. Initially, it was just supposed to be a nice Thanksgiving getaway.

A few months before their trip, Erik and Jessica started to joke about making it official on a secluded beach in Maui. And about a month before, the joking starting turning into planning… “secret planning”.

Jessica called Leah at Island Wedding Memories without even a date picked out! She only knew that she wanted a simple beach ceremony and amazing photos. Leah sent over Tad’s portfolio and Jessica knew she would get just what she wanted with Tad. They had a beautiful tiny ceremony on Mokapu Beach, Wailea. With just them, their officiant and Tad, Jessica and Erik were really able to let their personalities out during their wedding and photo session. Turns out they have a pretty great sense of humor (which really shows in some of their photos!) and had a blast with Tad. These two got a serious gift of good weather for their wedding photo shoot! The sunset light up the sky, creating incredible opportunity for backlit silhouette shots with perfect details.

With photos being the highlight of Jessica and Erik’s wedding, they were sure to book a “Trash The Dress” photo shoot the next morning!  Jessica was really able to get comfortable with Tad during this shoot and it really shows through in the photos. Trash the Dress shoots are becoming more and more popular and when you see this incredible Maui landscape, it’s easy to understand why! Beautiful bride, beautiful sea, beautiful images!

The best part of the whole experience for Jessica and Erik was getting to surprise their families with amazing photos of their secret wedding! It was all about them on this trip and now they will have the perfect photos to keep those memories close…




1_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 2_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 3_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 4_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 5_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 6_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 7_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 8_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 9_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 10_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 11_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 12_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 14_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 15_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 16_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 17_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 18_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer. 19_Jessica_Erik_Maui_Wedding_Maui_photographer_Best_Maui_Photographer.

They got what they wished for…A simple ceremony, Amazing photos.

Congratulations to the both of you!

From The Tad Craig Photography Team!

Wedding coordinator: Leah Robb from Island Wedding Memories

Location: Mokapu Beach, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

A simple ceremony, Amazing photos.