Style and Sophistication at The Andaz Maui

Style and Sophistication at The Andaz Maui

Style and Sophistication come together at The Andaz Maui Resort & Spa in Wailea.

When walking into the gorgeous hotel of The Andaz Maui Resort and Spa, you immediately appreciate the sense of style the designer of the property put into each detail around the grounds.
Beautiful appointed with stylish chairs and cool lighting fixtures, this hotel makes you feel at home right away.

Now time to meet Elena & Marc with their own gorgeous style for their flawless delightful wedding!


LOVED the open back in her dress and perfect lace details in the material itself.
Of course, she had the amazing gold Jimmy Choo’s shoes which complemented her outfit beautifully!

Not to be outdone, Marc was impeccably dressed in a stylish black TUXEDO.

Both Elena and Marc’s smiles were ever present as he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. Their adorable little girl was also all smiles as they loved on her, moments before the ceremony.
The minister, Ron Winkler’s ceremony was beautiful, he had everyone listening very closely as they said their vows. Elena’s mom had tears on her face as she watched her daughter marry.
With clouds blocking the sunset, we created the cool palm tree shots with my off camera lighting.

The lighting at the end of the evening was so enchanting and dramatic.
Enjoy this incredible couple wedding images!  Congratulations Elena & Marc!


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