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The Sweet, Charming, Wedding of Ruby & Sean!
Glowing with excitement, Ruby walked through the front gate of the White Orchid Beach House to see the amazing palm trees and gorgeous ambience awaiting her. Her excitement continued as she prepared with her closest girlfriends! Looking absolutely gorgeous, she asked for her dad. When her dad entered the room, tears filled her eyes and she hugged her dad, who held a small picture of her mom who passed away. They both knew that her mom was looking down from the heavens with a giant smile on her face while she was about to marry the man of her dreams. Her dad held that picture in his hands for the entire evening.  How very special! Ruby & Sean met while studying for their masters in teaching and developed a great bond. That tight friendship could be seen by all of their families and friends as they said their “I Do’s”. Both Ruby & Sean had the BEST time celebrating with their family and guests and of course being a photographer, THESE are the moments that make such fantastic pictures. They especially enjoyed venturing out on the rocks & discovering the different perspective that Maui has to offer. there are a lovely couple and I wish them the very best!! It has come to my attention that a second congratulations is in order as I have just heard they are also expecting!! BRAVO!!

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Thanks to Steven of White Orchid Wedding planning this terrific wedding! A shout out to Ernest Puau and his well spoken words! Well done! Also in no particular order thanks you’s to Kirsty of Aloha Bars Maui, Maui Wedding Cakes, Hawaiian Rents, Maui Elegance, Ace Beats DJ, Maui Style Seafood, Marci of Beautiful Brides, Irene Ryding of Maui Harper, #mauiharper #hawaiinrents #WOBH #acebeatsdj #wobhmaui #whiteorchidwedding #maui #mauiwedding #mauiweddingphotographer #mauiromance @hawaiianrents @mauiharper @acebeatsdj @alohabarsmaui