Maui Romance Photographer for Couples seeking adventure

Maui Romance Photographer for Couples seeking adventure

Maui Romance Photographer for Couples seeking adventure

 Hands down, one of my favorite sessions is photographing a couple head over heels in love with each other. Absolutely LOVE capturing those candid loving moments between two lovers, as their connection is so real & genuine. An addition to this is sharing hidden off the beaten paths & creating interesting photos in the wilds of Hawaii’s diverse landscapes. So if your idea of a shoot is exploring your hotel, we can do that, OR we could go on an adventure exploring tropical jungle forests or wild cliffs above huge breaking waves or taking in the stars on top of a volcano. Call me to plan your Maui Couples shoot or an adventure shoot anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands.
Mahalo Tad Craig

So you’ve been planning your Maui vacation for months & months, looking through all the options to make sure you have plenty of time for all the countless opportunities for you and your family! Definitely you should consider doing a Maui family shoot as I have heard this over and over again, that not only the experience of doing a photography session amazing in it self, but the results far exceeded anything they had done in the past!

Those fleeting moments where your child is still tiny disappear so quickly and that is why now is the perfect time to photograph them now. As you know, when you get older the days & weeks and months seem to tick faster & faster and before you know it your little one is a teenager learning to drive and just about out of the house. Incredible how fast they grow up!

Another reason why EVERY time you are altogether as a family you need to recognize it as an important moment is exactly about what I wrote about in another blog post in my wedding section. I had already shot their wedding years before & the same family was back in Maui doing family portraits with me again. Absolutely the sweetest family with everyone laughing & hugging & having the best time creating great candid moments. Midway through the session, one of the family members came up to me & thanked me for the great memories I had captured at the wedding. Of course I thanked them.

She then proceeded to tell me that the images I captured at the wedding were super important as that was the last time the whole family was together before the cancer struck their grandmother & those images were everything to them! My point is, every time you are together as family honor that moment & get some beautiful images as every day is an important day!

So I LOVE GETTING CREATIVE and exploring. Of course I’m open for a beach shoot or maybe at your hotel, either in the morning when the sky is that BLUE=BLUE and OR my preferred time at sunset! But I am super open to adventuring to new spots or maybe YOUR favorite spot to do your Maui Family Vacation Photos. I am totally down for going off the beaten path to find the perfect spot that speaks to you OR if you want I can show you some spots that you had no idea about.

Do you have something special in mind? Perhaps a surprise for a family member? What ever it is I am willing to go the extra mile to capture the candid moments & the beautiful moments that will become the cherished memories that are SO IMPORTANT! Thank you in advance for letting me apart of these memories! LETS CHAT!

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Adventuring with this little nugget of joy today. Just the two of us and our little dog Eloise! Life is Good!  #family #love #happy #instagood #life #familytime #kids #follow #cute #nature #lifestyle
Elopement love! Congrats to these two stealing to Maui just the two of them to tie the knot on a white sandy (almost empty) beach in Hawaii!  Jennifer & Robert scored the goods & they are so Happy!💍🌴❤️  #mauielopement #mauiweddingphotographer #mauiwedding #mauielopementphotographer #mauiphotographer #maui #mauiweddingphotography #mauidestinationwedding #mauiweddingvenue #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #destinationwedding #elopement #mauiweddings #adventureelopement
Sunday Funday with this little munchkin! Grandfather duties at Giggle Hill!  #kidspark #kids #park #happykidshappyparents #kidsplay #playground #dropin #summer  #hourlycare  #toys #kidsofinstagram #kidspool #familytime  #kidswithcameras  #kidsinthehood #kidsinthebox  #gigglehillmaui  #kidsarethebest
"You are my Sun, My Moon and all my Stars!" ~ E.E Cummings.  Congrats to these two whose stars aligned and this sunset exploded in fabulous color!💍❤️🌴  #engagement #weddingphotography #engaged #photography #engagementring #mauiweddingphotographer #weddinginspiration #bridetobe #prewedding #weddingday #engagementphotography #shesaidyes #engagementsession  #engagementphotographer #photoshoot #engagementshoot #couple #engagementphotoshoot #theknot
Perfectly Planned & Executed! Planning by countless texts and a few phone calls Evan meticulously executed the plan and Taylor's expression shows the results! 
Just after he asked you can see her surprise to see me photographing the moment & just after that you see her face when she realizes her family had SECRETLY flown to Maui to witness the moment.  My most favorite thing to photograph is this moment when the raw emotion & surprise when your significant realizes everything is changing for the better!  Thank you for including me in this terrific life changing moment! 💍❤️🌴  #surpriseproposal #proposal #shesaidyes #engagement #engaged #surprise #surprisebirthday #marriageproposal #love #bridetobe #engagementring #engagementphotos #proposalgoals #gettingmarried #proposalplanning #proposals #marryme
Happy Sunday Morning from Hookipa Maui
Congrats to Alyssa & Dylan celebrating their Honeymoon in Maui after a magical wedding in New Jersey. Having never been to Hawaii they explored top to bottom, south side to north side & east to west!They even managed a little down time relaxing on beach.......... and this honeymoon shoot! Was super fun a terrific sunset!  Enjoy!  #mauihoneymoon #mauiphotographer #maui #mauivacation #hawaii #mauiwedding #mauisunset #mauinokaoi #mauiportraits #mauiphotography
Congrats are in order to Katrina & Derek ❤️💍🥂With meticulous planning Derek  dinner at Merrimans Restaurant reservations suddenly had an issue so he "decided"on the spot to continue exploring Maui's west side where they "happened " upon Pineapple Hill. Being such a pretty spot, might as well park the car & and stretch the legs. Don't mind that photographer over there taking pictures of trees(hehe)  So he dropped to a knee in the perfect spot, asked the question and she said "YES!"
Afterwards she admitted that he was acting differently & she suspected that he was going to ask!  Her expression & enthusiasm revealed her self though & the rest is history! 
Afterwards we went exploring & they were in awe of Maui's beauty & their new status!  We finished on the rocks in fr of Merrimans Restaurant and the was sunset spectacular. Happy For these two!  #mauiengagement #mauiphotographer #mauiengagementphotographer #mauiphotography #engagementphotos #mauiengagementphotography #maui #waileaphotographer #hawaiiphotographer #mauiweddingphotographer #mauiwedding #mauiphotographers #mauipartyphotographer #waileawedding #mauicouplephotography #lahainawedding #lahainaweddings ##mauiengagementsession #mauicouple #hawaiiweddingphotography  #mauieventsphotographer #mauicoupleshoot

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