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Thank you so much for visiting my Maui Wedding Photography galleries. OMG I LOVE what I do so much. Not only do I get to witness some of the most important moments of peoples lives, but also know the importance of the images I am creating & the unbelievable value my images mean to people.

Recently, I was out on a photo shoot with repeat clients that I had already shot their wedding & now I was doing family photos with them. Absolutely the sweetest most loving family with everyone including kids coming up to each other & spontaneously hugging & joking & laughing with each other. I seriously can not script those moments & the pure candidness of those moments is so beautiful. Granddad was especially having fun with all of the grand kids & laughing just as much as any of them.

Later one of the family members came up to me & thanked me for capturing the moments I had. Of course that is my job & I told them it was no problem. She again thanked me & told me that her mom, had past, & the wedding images that I had done, with the entire family together in Maui at the wedding are some of their most cherished memories. They told me that soon after the wedding her cancer had come pretty quick & the happy moments of the wedding were what granddad & the rest of the family looked at every single day on the mantle.

I mean that is powerful when your clients tell you that & it just goes to show why I value what I do so much. Living here in Maui for so many years, (24 years) and be a professional photographer now on Maui for 19 years, I have so many repeat clients that come back year after year & I literately hear people tell me all the time how appreciative they are for what I have done for them.

So no matter if its first time working our working together, or we have worked together in the past, my goal each & every single time I go to work I am going to do everything in my power to NOT ONLY amaze you with gorgeous imagery, BUT a great experience, working hard to capture the candid beautiful moments that show who you are & tell your Maui Wedding story as beautiful as I can. Of course I back all this up with great communication & excellent service.
Mahalo Tad