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I’m Tad, an explorer of Beauty, Light & Love Celebrating more then two decades as a romance photographer here in Maui Hawaii,

My goal is to make you feel so comfortable and in the moment and to enjoy your wedding day to the very fullest. Using decades of experience & top of the line Nikon cameras/lenses to candidly capture fleeting & tender moments, that will always be treasured and loved! Creating imagery that will touch your soul & have such deep meaning as you know the importance of it!

Exceeding Expectations with an Amazing Expereince, Gorgeous Imagery & Excellent Service

Happy Just Married Couple on Rocks touching faces
Happy Just Married Couple on Rocks Shoulder Kisses
Happy Just Married Couple on Rocks laughing
Happy Just Married Couple on Rocks looking in camera

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Happy Clients

Alex Lianne and I can’t thank Tad Craig enough for photographing our wedding at the Hyatt Regency in Maui! He truly did a remarkable job. Last summer, my (now) wife, Alex Lianne and I debated for weeks whether to get a professional photographer or fly in a semi-professional friend to shoot our destination wedding in Maui.  We quickly discovered that he checked all the boxes that we were looking for. What further impressed me was when we contacted him, he was quick to schedule a meeting to get a feel for what we were looking for, which turned into a Facetime call.  On the day of the wedding, Tad really did a great job in maximizing the time we had with him while keeping everyone calm, comfortable, and focused. Thank you Tad for making this special day extra memorable

Well Carissa and I can’t say enough about how we loved having Tad at our wedding. It was such an amazing experience have someone who is so dedicated to the profession and has amazing eye for details. I would recommend Tad to anybody anywhere anytime if you want an A+ experience,yeah! Thank you Tad For capturing such a special memory Carrissa and I are so happy with we chose you!

Tad was our photographer for our special day! He was recommended by our friends in San Jose, CA when we told them we were getting married in Maui. They too got married and Maui and had Tad as their photographer. I am so glad he was recommended to us because he was so nice and professional! He made me feel at ease and did such a great job capturing our special moments throughout the day. My absolute favorite pictures from Tad are his portraits with the beautiful scenery! If it wasn’t for my husband getting sick from his sun burn, we would have got into our get ups again after the wedding to take more picture on the beach and his famous picture on the rocks with beautiful sunsets! Those picture of his are breath taking and speak to me and give me all the feels! All in all, Tad and his assistant Marie Claude were great, and we would highly recommend them. Also, the process of booking Tad and his online payment system made things so much easier! Thanks Tad! Mr. and Mrs. Epperson

Always Searching for Hawaii's beauty

The Five Star Experience

 I’ve dedicated my life to documenting love, romance and all things beautiful. I love capturing those Maui Wedding Memories that truly reflect the love & connection that two people feel. True Romance!

My style is creating; bold, vibrant, colorful imagery & has that timeless quality. Creating imagery with a dab of fashion & an abundance of emotion is what I love doing. Being ready & searching constantly for candid natural moments all the while, easily connecting with my clients with a warm, friendly, professional approach. Using a variety of creative techniques refined from years of experience & top of the line gear!

Delivering the goods

Sometimes relying on natural lighting & other times using off camera lighting to enhance the scene & situation. Love getting creative & making imagery that is meaningful as it stunning!

Arriving on time, well dressed, totally prepared & ready to shoot with tons of enthusiasm & energy is my passion!

Yes I believe that love is love and I love photographing All couples regardless of race, gender, or sexual preferences.

Tad Craig & his wife Cory on their wedding day
Tad Craig & Family
Tad Craig Cycling Maui
Tad Craig Cycling Maui


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