Joining the Maui Wedding Association aboard the Trilogy!

This past Saturday, the Maui Wedding Association held their monthly meeting aboard the Trilogy, a 64ft sailing catamaran! It was such a great time. The crew of the Trilogy welcomed us with the true spirit of Aloha with the full service including music and Hula. As we set sail in the early afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised to experience very smooth sailing for our tour. March is the height of whale watching season here in Maui. There are so many incredible humpback whales everywhere you look. The mothers come to have their babies and story up energy for the summer months in the Pacific Northwest. We all kept our eyes peeled and eventually one beauty popped her head up not far from us! The whales weren’t the only impressive entertainment on the trip. Manu Te A Nui performed some awesome Hula. Overall, the day was a typically epic day on the Maui waters!

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