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A beautiful Maui Beach Wedding! Held on August 17, 2013!

Diane & Byron came from McKinney, Texas to celebrate their love and get married on the beach on the beautiful South Shore of Maui. They had some great wedding details brought from Texas to underline their home and make it fun for their guests.  Per example, in the image below in the group shot, you can see their Texan towels that they are waving in the air while smiling at the camera and the special groom cake that they had made with the Texan state on it!

Congratulations to Diane & Byron for their beautiful wedding at The Mana Kai Lawn followed by the dinner and reception at The Five Palms Restaurant in Kihei.

The ceremony was done with the minister Kimo Kirkman and the wedding was coordinated by Stacey Jones from White Orchid Weddings.

Five Palms Maui, Keawakapu Beach, Kihei wedding