Thank you so much for visiting, as a Maui Engagement & Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire. I am eager to show not only the beauty these incredible islands in Hawaii, but also create for you authentic, genuine moments that will take your breath away. Creating beautiful imagery you will look back on over the years & love every day of your life. Connecting with my clients & creating meaningful imagery that is stunning, while also making the experience just as amazing, backed up by great service.

One thing I really enjoy is getting to share my favorite images that I create. Sometimes, I literarily will take an image and as soon as I download it, I am already uploading it to my website. This was the case with this first image below. The couple visiting from Texas on their 20th Anniversary who overwhelmed when I showed it to them, I find so much joy in creating imagery that takes on such importance in peoples lives. One of the most important reasons for me dedicating my life to this amazing field.

One time, I was working with this big family who were all having the best time, jovial, laughing & constantly joking with each other. The pictures were priceless because of the candidness of the moment. Everyone was making sure to get pictures with the grandfather, but I suspected nothing, because of the fun he was having with everyone. Weeks later when I was dealing with the family, they told me how priceless my images were as the grandfather had passed from terminal cancer & my images were the lasting tribute to him & the last memories they had all made together. Very very powerful moment for me indeed!

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Extraordinary Maui Honeymoon Session

Extraordinary Maui Honeymoon Session

“In life, its not where you go, it’s who you travel with!”~ Charles Schulz •   ••Ok actually where you go matters too! Honeymooners Christina and Korosh never got the “wow” shot from their wedding & couldn’t wait to do a real honeymoon photo shoot when...

Honeymoon Love in Maui

Honeymoon Love in Maui

Postcard Perfection for Adrianna and Nick celebrating their honeymoon in style at The Fairmont Kea Lani. Their Michigan wedding more than a week ago had more than 850 people at it so relaxing poolside with fruity drinks in their hands was a high priority! They were...

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