Loving Hyatt Maui Wedding
Hilary and Chris were very excited to marry each other in Maui.
Having dated 12 years, they made all the arrangements to make their dream wedding in Hawaii finally happen. Getting ready in one of the premiere oceanfront suites at The Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa, Hilary’s view was breathtaking!
You could feel the excitement in the room as Hilary & her girls all prepared for the big event. Champagne toasts and lots of laughter! Chris, calm, all smiles and relaxed was just hanging out by the wedding location, when my awesome second shooter, Marie-Claude, made her way there.
With clouds creating soft light, Chris watched as his bride to be, walked down the stairs with her father to the wedding location to marry the man of her dreams!
During the ceremony, Hilary’s sister was all tears and so was Chris!
The flowers were perfect: from the yellow petals in their aisle, the tuberose leis hanging between the chairs, their leis, the flower circle where they stand and Hilary’s bouquet! Asa Flowers really knows the beauty of florals.
Very sweet moments! With all the family pictures done, we headed to the beach for sunset and although we had to switch locations because of the rain, we found a great little private beach.
My second shooter set Hilary & Chris up on this great looking tree for great pics. Enjoy the images & thank you so much for including Tad Craig Photography in your dream wedding.
Many Mahalos,

1_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 2_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 3_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 4_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 5_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 6_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 7_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 8_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 9_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 10.1_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 10.5 Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 11_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 12_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 13_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 14_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 15_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 16_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 17.1_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 17.5 19_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 19_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 20_Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 21 Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_Photography 22 Hilary_Chris_Hyatt_Maui_Wedding_Photographer_Tad_Craig_PhotographyHyatt Maui Weddings, Maui wedding photography, Tad Craig Photography

Second Photographer: Marie-Claude Adams

Coordinator: Brittany McIntyre- Hyatt Maui Hotel
Flowers: Asa Flowers
Lei: Na Pua Anuhea
Hair & Makeup: Raquel Utrillo, www.mauibridehairstylist.com
Entertainment: Erland Pahukoa, Ukulele / Tihati Productions
Minister: Cleighton Akea Eaton

Videography: ProLook Productions