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Bevin & Tre had first come to Maui about a year ago searching for the ideal location to marry each other & the wedding vendors that could pull it off. From that very first meeting, I felt that we had connected & knew their wedding was going to be amazing! And that is exactly how it unfolded! Being Facebook friends with them I got to see their posts & knew how excited they were for the big day to finally get here. The lead up to the wedding was not stop posts about their plans for the wedding & suddenly here they were, on Maui & ready to get on with it! Part of their wedding package included a pre wedding honeymoon shoot here on Maui’s North shore. Having canceled once because of rain, I wasn’t sure it was going to happen as just hours before they were to come over to the north shore it was raining cats & dogs. Right on time though, the clouds parted & the sun came out making the water statured ground POP with color & making for a awesome reflections!

A couple days later it was their wedding day at the super gorgeous Kukahiko Estate in south Maui! Was a BRILLANT day with just a few clouds & that deep blue~blue sky that makes for wicked color! Bevin was sort of floating around in a blissful state as she readied herself for her big day! With her family & best girlfriends helping her prepare I could see the excitement on her face to marry her man! Tre waited patiently for her to be walked in by her parents. The always amazing Pia led the service & as always made they laugh & cry with his touching words. Finally they kissed, signed in the proper places & their dream of marring each other had come true. Very sweet!

With some big macking waves coming in & breaking on the lava rocks, we ventured out as close as we could being careful not to get nailed! Using a long exposure, I absolutely love the dreaming water shot of them kissing & the wave exploding behind them. One of my favorites!!!

Coming back to their table they had a few minutes to enjoy the company of their friends & family on the beautiful & perfectly prepared dinner table. Was amazing place to have dinner with the waves cracking on the rocks just yards from where they ate! As it was almost sunset time we ran off to the white sandy Hawaiian beach Bevin had dreamed about to walk in the sand barefoot with her mans hand intertwined with hers. Dreams do come true!!

After a quick but beautiful sunset session, we made our way back to the estate to get to the dancing! After walking in to everyone clapping & cheering they had their first dance. Once finished, Bevin started dancing with her father to slower song, but about halfway through it, the song changed & it was high paced rocking song that made the room go nut’s. Bev & her dad starting rocking to the beat. Having had this one particular shot in my head for months & months I was finally able to create my star trail shot, which I think is VERY unique as I have never seen another wedding star trail image.
Was a super wedding with a super couple. Having got to know them through Facebook for just under a year, I felt they we had really connected & think that connection really helped in creating such memorable moments! Congratulations to this happy~happy cpouple. I wish you a lifetime of joy & thank you so much for including Tad Craig Photography in your Maui Wedding!




4Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 5_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 6_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 7_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 8_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 9_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 10_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 11.5_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 12_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 13_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 14_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 15_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 16_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 17_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate 18_Tad_Craig_Photography_Kukahiko_Estate Many thanks to Rachel of Island Rents, Pia Aluli for his officianting, Jean Muldoon for Hair and Make up, Stacy Smith of Bars are Us, Liz Walker for her tasty Cake Pops, Marvin Tevega for strumming the ukulele, Cafe O’Lei for the catering, Halakala Florist, Stephan Boeker for his Live Maui Webcast, and finally Akina Aliha Tours for the transport! #haleakalaflorist #marvintevagamusic #marvintevagamauiweddingmusician #islandrentsmaui #islandrents #mauimemories #kukahikoestate @alulip001hawaiirrcom @pia_aluli @bbuttermore @livemauiwebcasts #akinaalohatours #Maui #mauiwedding #mauiweddingvenue #mauiweddingphotographer #longexposure #longexpo_kings #amazing_longexpo #nikon @jeanmuldoon #startrails