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Stunning Fairmont Kea Lani Wedding was breathtaking

The wedding of Kaci & Brad Penny was a Stunner. Upon my arrival I met Kaci’s Mom who was glowing from ear to ear and so excited for her daughter’s wedding. All the bridesmaids and Kaci were having a blast getting ready and doing a few cinnamon whiskey shots!
In another room, Brad was also doing shots with his groomsmen. Looking dapper in a nice suit, he headed out to the “First Look” of his gorgeous & glowing bride to be. Her dress was actually the very same dress that her mom had worn at her wedding some 30 years before. Having had it reworked some for this occasion she looked FABULOUS! The location for the wedding was so beautiful with very elegant flowers perfectly placed by Leah Robb. The ceremony was quick. After lots of pictures with family & the bridal party we headed to the beach for an extra gorgeous sunset. Brad picked her up & spun her with ease. Was so fun witnessing their love for each other. Later at the reception they continued with keeping things traditional. The cake topper on the small cake was Brad’s parents cake topper at their wedding many, many years ago. Then, Kaci & Brad drank from the very flute that Kaci’s parents had drank from at their wedding. With lots of famous faces in attendance it was an evening to remember. It came to a close with Kaci & her bridesmaids dancing a special Hula dance that they had all learned. Was a Great Night!!!! Congrats to Kaci & Brad!


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