Honeymoon Session at Wailea Beach

Honeymooners May and Junichi came ALL the way from Tokyo, Japan to visit the Hawaiian Islands for the first time & celebrate being husband & wife.

What an awesome couple these two are! May so stunning in her incredible dress and vivacious personality she had me rolling with laughter. Of course this is exactly what a photographer is looking for. A subject beaming with personality showing real moments!!! These two just made each other laugh as they whispered in each other’s ears & playfully teased each other. With a huge smile on her face, May was having so much fun taking pictures on the beach. An absolute joy taking pictures with them.

On this particular day the waves were huge & breaking at times VERY close to where we were. Unfortunately I had one of my lights in harms way and one BIG wave came in all the way to where we were standing, I actually saw my light stand float for a second, before it toppled over into the water. Was a bummer for me, especially since I had to buy a whole new unit, BUT the bright side of this ordeal was that was able to upgrade to NEW equipment which is now working MUCH BETTER for me.

The sunset on this day was pretty amazing & they were in “awe” with the beauty they were experiencing.

Congratulations to this happy couple honeymooning in tropical Maui! Thank you so much for hiring me as I’m very appreciative! Enjoy the images!

Much Mahalos to Yoko Naito , their event coordinator, from Maui Dream Vacations in upcountry Maui, for planning this beautiful session for them. Also, thank you to Flowers by Cora ( http://www.kiheiwaileaflowersbycora.net ) for her gorgeous bouquet and haku lei!

2_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 3_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 4_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 5_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 6_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 7_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 8_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 9_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 10_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 11_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 12_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography

Honeymoon session at Wailea Beach