Grand Parents Jean & Rob’s Maui Beach Family Take Over

Jean, Rob & their giant amazing family all flew from Edmonton, Alberta to celebrate! Their celebration of just being ALL TOGETHER in Hawaii as a family. Unfortunately, 4 members of the 27 had work obligations and could not make it, but other then those four they were all here in Maui!.
We met at a quaint little beach named “White Rock” in south Maui for the shoot. The kids were all just having a blast as they played & ran. At one point the whole family was walking up the beach & ALL kids started running towards me & I realized we had taken over the ENTIRE beach.
Was quite a sight seeing them all running everywhere.
I made sure to take the time to take some intimate couple portraits for all the parents. Was sweet how Rob held on to his wife as he kissed her forehead! Happy Grandparents with a Big Happy Family! What could be better? As the sun began to dip we did an awesome family group photo that just looks so happy & colorful! Love it!
Thank you so much Nicole & family for hiring me to capture some special shots of your happy family!
Enjoy the pictures! Tad

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