I was on Maui’s North West Side walking down the boardwalk realizing that not only was it a beautiful day, but it was WINDY! I mean the sky was blue-blue and with exception of a few clouds, it was a stunning day! On this day, working with the bright sun & wind was the name of the game.  From a distance, I saw the bride’s long veil & knew it was going to be especially cool flying in the breeze!

Austin and his beautiful bride were married by their close friend. She became a minister recognized by the state of Hawaii just for the occasion! It was a short ceremony and with a kiss on the lips it was official! Of course we had to do all the obligatory family photos, but as soon as we were done Asya & Austin insisted that we go up onto the cool lava formation at the end of the beach! Of course I was so excited as I knew there was some exceptional photo potential up there and I was not wrong! The crazy wind blowing her veil, tugging on her head made her laugh constantly. Loved her attitude!  Austin, looking ever dapper in his grey suit was such a romantic. Totally unscripted he held her hand, looked in her eyes, casually dropped down low kissing her hand soaking in the moment! Just perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better moment! Asya’s veil had a mind of its own during this entire lava rock adventure, sometimes whipping high into the air or completely horizontal! It made for super cool pics!

On this particular wedding I had split coverage later in the afternoon at The beautiful Hyatt Resort and Spa Maui! Of course this is such a beautiful hotel with amazing views and magic spots for creating images all around.  Meeting them in the lobby of the hotel, we set off to find those magic spot & did we ever find some magic! Out on the bridge near the koi pond, the sun was peeking through the palm trees creating some backlit dreaminess as Austin continued to work his charm on his new wife. Of course the wind, which was much less by then, was still whipping her huge veil around & of course Asya continued to laugh in amusement! Perhaps my favorite pictures of this entire lot are the ones where they are in front of the bougainvillea. I Love the tenderness they show in those images! As we arrived at the reception location, just yards from the Pacific Ocean, they were greeted by their family & friends all wanting selfies with the happy couple!  Later they ate cake and danced with giant smiles on their faces, laughing amongst their friends & family. What a terrific celebration of the love these two had!

Congrats to Asya & Austin!