The cutest Russian Couple ever

This is a little story from the bride. I though I should change it and make it at the third person but she is just the sweetest happiest bride and I have to decided to share her story and her own words. Of course, English is not her first language but she picks some words that are simply adorable to share her love story.

Here is her love story. Enjoy!

We are from freezy Moscow, Russia and that’s where we met 5 years ago. It took a while to understand that we were created for each other so we started living together only 4 years later!!))
Moscow is a one of the greatest cities in the world, we love it so much!! However, we also love traveling from time to time,we’ve been to many places together, like Mauritius, Hong Kong, Philippines, Dubai, California, India but Hawaii was always our dream!!
So when Nikita proposed me to be his wife (it was in Moscow in one if the world’s greatest rooftop bars at my 25th B-Day), we were already planning to go there.
So a brilliant idea came to our mind,why not combine the vacation of our dreams with the the most important event in our lives! Marriages conducted in the USA are considered legal in Russia,so the decision was taken.
We both wanted an intimate wedding for two of us, and our families and friends were totally fine with it (we had a small party before we left to Hawaii and are planning to have another one when we’re back).
However, we also wanted the wedding to be stylish and well-organized. We chose Leah Robb from Island Wedding Memories as our wedding coordinator and she helped us with choosing the best vendors on Maui!
We chose Leah because we loved her website so much,no one has as many FAQs like her and we found the answers to most of our questions before we contacted her for the first time!
MeiliAutumnBeauty was responsible for my look- and I was totally happy with it, it was very very natural, like I wanted, and had a little bit of Polynesian in it (Nikita said “you look like a local!!” when he saw me).
As for the dress,I chose an ivory J Crew Ursula, I think it is a perfect dress for the beach wedding- looks very light,elegant and it feels very comfortable in it! Most of all I liked the ropes it was fixed by.
Nikita’s outfit was also great I think it was a classical yacht-style look!
My bridal bouquet and a hair flower was made by Maui Elegance Floral Design-I chose local flowers – I think it is the best choice for an island wedding.
Our Minister was Roland Nono,and we are so much thankful that he was the one who conducted our wedding. We chose Hawaiian non-religious ceremony (we’re not much into religion,and we wanted it to be local style). When he was conducting the ceremony,we felt like something magical and surreal was going one. We also had Kalani Miles as our musician- we chose modern music with local twist to accompany the wedding- and we are very happy with what he did,especially when he let us take pictures with his  guitar,made of unique Hawaiian wood.
And of course the memories are the most important part for us, so that’s where it comes to photography. When our coordinator told us it’s gonna be Tad Craig, we knew we had nothing to worry about since he had great experience and his portfolio is impressive. It all went very smoothly,and although our event was short,just 1 hour,it was pretty enough for Tad to capture all the great moments of our day! We are very happy with what we saw on the camera screen on-site and can’t wait to see the pictures!) in general,our wedding was very cute, family-style event!
It was on Mokapu beach,which is great (thanks to Leah who suggested this location),there were few people there,and those who were – congratulated us – that was so nice). We chose a sunset wedding – it is almost impossible for me to get up in the morning. After the ceremony we went to Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Restaurant at The Grand Wailea Hotel in Wailea- that was delicious, so highly recommended for the newly-weds!
Now,after the wedding,our real vacation has started,we’re enjoying the honeymoon in Hawaii (however,still having jet lag- we have 14 hours time difference with Moscow!!, but it’s not bad when it comes to such romantic stuff, like our sunrise experience at Haleakala Crater).
We will advise to all our Russian friends to get married at Hawaii!

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