The Colafrancesco Family get together in Maui

This loving family has had a long winter in Colorado and had to escape to Maui to unwind in the tropics. Staying in Wailea at The Tropical Maui Villas they just had a short walk to Wailea Beach for their family photo session.

The evening was virtually perfect with clouds obscuring the sun making for soft lighting which makes for great lighting. As I looked around Wailea Beach I noticed NOT a single person on the Four Seasons Resort & Spa side of the beach and ONLY 8 people on the Grand Wailea Resort side of the beach.

Having Wailea Beach with no people on it is amazing and quite rare. We took full advantage of it! It is just like having your  private beach for your family portraits!

The whole family walked down this empty beach enjoying their “togetherness”. The kids were all smiles and so were the grand parents. As the sun dipped below Lanai, the sunset turned SPECTACULAR! Enjoy the pictures and thank you for including Tad Craig Photography in your great Maui Vacations.

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1.5 Maui Family Portrait, Rad Craig Photography
2.5 Father & Son Portrait, Maui Portrait Photographer, Tad Craig Photography
3.5 Maui Sunset, Maui Family Portraits, Wailea Beach Tad Craig Photography

Love this Sweet moment & what an Awesome sunset that evening on Wailea Beach

Love this Sweet moment & what an Awesome sunset that evening on Wailea Beach

10 Maui Family Portait, Wailea Beach maui, Silhoute Maui, Tad Craig Photography, Back lighting @ sunsetI hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please comment below, and contact me if you have questions or would like to consider me for your photographic needs – Contact Tad Craig Photography