Having visited Maui many times retired Chicago Cubs pitcher John Grabow & Kindra knew Maui was THE place they wanted to be to say their vows to each other! Eloping from Arizona, just the two of them, they kept it simple and the date was exactly one year to the date he had proposed to her! This was quite a special day!  Having met by a chance encounter, their friendship blossomed into a loving, solid relationship and now they’re on a romantic Hawaiian beach getting married.

Kindra was amazed by her colorful bouquet filled with tropical orchids and bright flowers as she stood waiting for Kimo the minister to blow the conch shell so she could begin the walk down the beach aisle to marry the man of her dreams!  She looked absolutely stunning as she walked down the beach to John and reached for his hand, looked in his eyes and repeated her vows! Passionately they kissed and finally after all these years it was official!

After the ceremony, they held each other and shared sweet, loving kisses. John then picked her up and spun her around and around as she screamed with excitement and joy! That made for fantastic images along with the low flying clouds that helped create dramatic lighting that we photographers just love! As the sun began to dip lower and lower on the horizon, I knew it was going to be a stunning sunset. I added backlighting with the sun and it made for amazing photos. As time crept by the sun slowly began to set and we were all in awe as we witnessed the sunsets incredible colors splashed against the sky! It was one gorgeous sunset we experienced. The whole time Kindra & John laughed, kissed and enjoyed their special day!

I asked Kindra how they had met and she shared her story:

“John and I met 3 1/2 years ago by coincidence. He was very polite and professional and I was trying to be talkative, he was this cute guy with 2 adorable puppies. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see him again. We talked on the phone the next day for about an hour (about his puppies to start anyway) and one thing led to another. Come to find out we had ALOT in common. Then this cute guy with 2 puppies asked me out on a date, that was the beginning of the end. We fell in love!

Life is very unpredictable, we were both going through some very difficult times and we became solid support for each other, most importantly we became best friends!

Three and a half years later we’ve already been through a lot and have learned so much about each other. We have also learned we can’t live without each other and want to begin our lives as husband and wife.

We are going to celebrate this exciting decision on September 1st 2016, our 1 year anniversary from when he proposed!

We chose Maui as our wedding destination because I have always wanted a romantic communion on the beach of a beautiful Island.  The timing was perfect because we wanted to get married on the day he proposed 1 year later.  Maui became our place, our spot, our beginning on 9-1-2016.”

John William Grabow, nicknamed “Grabes”, was a Major League Baseball left-handed relief pitcher. He played for the Chicago Cubs from 2009 to 2011 and he also played for the Pittsburg Pirates from 2003 to 2009. Grabow was known as having a 94 mph fastball and was a great at getting both right and left-handed batters out.  He also had 400 strikeouts throughout his career!  What a wonderful year for John as he was able to watch the Chicago Cubs make their historic run finally breaking their 108-year-old losing streak and also marrying beautiful Kindra! Congratulations John & Kindra!

















Mahalo to Leah of Island Wedding Memories planning this little elopement! Also thanks to Kimo Kirkman for his thoughtful words and humor! Kindra’s bouquet made by Maui Elegance Floral Design! @mauiflowergirl4vr @lahainawarriors_3 @mauifloralelegance #mauiwedding #mauielopement #mauibeachwedding #mauidestinationphotographer #maui #borrowedandblue
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Having visited Maui many times retired Chicago Cubs pitcher John Grabow & Kindra knew Maui was THE place they wanted to be to say their vows to each other!