Honeymoon Session at Wailea Beach

Honeymoon Session at Wailea Beach

Honeymoon Session at Wailea Beach

Honeymooners May and Junichi came ALL the way from Tokyo, Japan to visit the Hawaiian Islands for the first time & celebrate being husband & wife.

What an awesome couple these two are! May so stunning in her incredible dress and vivacious personality she had me rolling with laughter. Of course this is exactly what a photographer is looking for. A subject beaming with personality showing real moments!!! These two just made each other laugh as they whispered in each other’s ears & playfully teased each other. With a huge smile on her face, May was having so much fun taking pictures on the beach. An absolute joy taking pictures with them.

On this particular day the waves were huge & breaking at times VERY close to where we were. Unfortunately I had one of my lights in harms way and one BIG wave came in all the way to where we were standing, I actually saw my light stand float for a second, before it toppled over into the water. Was a bummer for me, especially since I had to buy a whole new unit, BUT the bright side of this ordeal was that was able to upgrade to NEW equipment which is now working MUCH BETTER for me.

The sunset on this day was pretty amazing & they were in “awe” with the beauty they were experiencing.

Congratulations to this happy couple honeymooning in tropical Maui! Thank you so much for hiring me as I’m very appreciative! Enjoy the images!

Much Mahalos to Yoko Naito , their event coordinator, from Maui Dream Vacations in upcountry Maui, for planning this beautiful session for them. Also, thank you to Flowers by Cora ( http://www.kiheiwaileaflowersbycora.net ) for her gorgeous bouquet and haku lei!

2_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 3_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 4_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 5_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 6_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 7_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 8_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 9_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 10_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 11_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography 12_May_Junichi_Wailea_Beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Destination_Photography

Honeymoon session at Wailea Beach


Honeymoon Session at Wailea Beach

College Sweethearts marry at The Westin Maui

College Sweethearts marry at The Westin Maui!

Paul and Mira’s journey together began in 2008 during their freshman year in college at Illinois State University (Home of the Redbirds) ISU GO. Mira lived across the hall from Paul at the South side Residence Hall and thanks to a mutual friend, Paul and Mira met and have been inseparable since.
The couple came from completely different backgrounds. Paul grew up in the small farming town of Pocahontas in Southern Illinois; while, Mira lived in the bustling city of Sofia, Bulgaria until her family moved to Chicago in 1998.
They loved learning about each others backgrounds, especially the interesting quirks. It was only a matter of time before they fell so in love. <3
Paul and Mira dated all throughout college and together they graduated from ISU in 2012, Mira giving the College of Business Commencement speech at the graduating ceremony. Shortly after graduation, Paul proposed on July 4th at the Riva Restaurant at Navy Pier in Chicago. They had their first “kid” the following October, a sweet Golden Retriever puppy “Reggie” named after the ISU mascot, “Reggie the Redbird”.
The couple wanted a small, intimate wedding and after extensive research, they both fell in love with Maui as their romantic destination. To keep the wedding intimate, only immediate family were invited. Mira’s two parents, Georgia and Slav and her little sister, Christine, traveled from Chicago for the BIG day! Paul’s mother, Laurie, also came to support the couple on their special day.
Once the big day arrived, Paul could not wait to see his beautiful bride walk down the aisle alongside her father. Paul and Mira were excited to follow many Hawaiian traditions from the conch shell blowing to the exchange of leis during their special day. They shared individually prepared vows to express their love for each other and vowed to love one another forever. As a surprise wedding gift, Mira had Paul’s wedding band engraved with the phase “Обичам те” which means “I love you” in Mira native language, Bulgarian.
The couple could not have asked for a more perfect day and are so happy Tad was able to capture their special moments.

1_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 2_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 3_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 4_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 5_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 6_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 7_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 8_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 9_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 10_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 11_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 12_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 13_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 14_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 15_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 16_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 17_Mira_Paul_Westin_Resort_Spa_Maui_Tad_Craig_PhotographyCollege Sweethearts marry at The Westin Maui


Special Thanks to:

Wedding Venue: Westin Maui Resort & Spa – At the Wedding Gazebo
Coordinator: Sarah Snyder from The Westin Maui Resort & Spa
Officiant: Fred Torres
Bride’s Dress: Ellis
Bride’s Shoes: Betsy Johnson
Bride’s Rings: Shane Company
Groom’s Suit: J Crew
Groom’s Ring: Erin Gallagher Jewelry
Photography: Tad Craig Photography

Faith brought them together to become their own little family

Faith brought them together to become their own little family

The White Orchid beach House is one of those places that really has this awesome power over you with all its beauty. I walked on to the grounds & was loving the clouds over head softening the light & making it nice & cool. The grounds immaculately groomed looked perfect.  Was going to be an incredible wedding for sure. Especially upon meeting Roxy & Ryan you can feel the energy they transmit. Both so excited about their big day their faces were literally giant smiles of happiness. 🙂   I first met Roxy as she finished rereading her vows for the 2oth time fine tuning all the details that were so important to her. I also immediately got to see her vivacious personality & many different looks. She showed me like ten different looks in five minutes. Was super fun doing our “pre wedding” pics & then finally it was time for Ryan to marry the girl of his dreams!

With a child hood friend of Ryan’s performing the ceremony & his very closest friends in attendance, Ryan took the first steps in starting his new life as Husband. They looked in to each others eyes & as she began to weep, he offered his fingers to catch the falling tears of joy. Once they said their hand written vows, Roxy JUMPED in to his arms & he lifted her as he kissed her. Very romantic! I’m glad I was ready for it, but as they walked out of the ceremony they both spontaneously jumped & tucked their feet making for a great moment!  You could really see their unique personality’s as they joked with friends. Animated faces just make for FANTASTIC pictures. With the clouds overhead continuing to create awesome light I clicked away, capturing these fantastic moments of them just loving each other, the moment, & the togetherness! Was very unscripted with these tow as all I did was point them in the right direction & their love & joy permeated in the pictures! Love capturing those candid moments!

I was in for a surprise though. Roxy had asked me earlier when would be the right time for the groom & groomsman to run off to put on their “Speedos”! Didn’t really know what to expect until they all came out of the house dressed ONLY in Speedos. The crowd erupted in laughter. Roxy jumped right in for a few fun pictures, until someone suggested that they throw her. NONE of us expected the groomsman to throw her SO HIGH! I mean they just tossed her incredibly high & Roxy with perfect form flew through the air with total grace & style (check out her pike position)! Of course they caught her perfectly as well & again the crowd went wild. WAS AWESOME to witness!

Maui sunset pretty much take the cake & this particular night was no different.  The chemistry between Roxy & Ryan was once again on display as they just ate it up & created these super memorable sunset moments. Really terrific couple, absolutely in love!

The theme of the wedding was coral & tropical. Look carefully at her most AMAZING bouquet & you will find her colors. Not often do you see a bride in a short dress, but I especially liked it as this was a beach wedding & a short dress on her worked perfect!

Enjoy the pictures & again Congratulation to these tow lovers! Was terrific being apart of your big day. Thank you so much for including me as I’m very appreciative!

Mahalo Tad





Mahalos to all vendors and all whom help make their wedding come true!

Venue: White Orchid Beach House in Makena

Cake: Maui Wedding Cake

Ceremony Musician: Ernest Pua’a

Florists: Maui Floral Elegance

Tent, Rentals, Decor: Pacific Isle Rentals

Coordinator: Jacqueline Ishikawa- White Orchid Wedding

Catering: Maui Style Seafood

Gifts & Favors: Pottery Barns

Bride Ring: Kay’s Jewelers

Invitations & Calligraphy: J&M Printing, Inc.  San Antonio, TX

Officiant: Jason Welch



The White Orchid beach House is one of those places that really has this awesome power over you with all its beauty.
Honeymoon Session at Wailea Beach

Delightful Maui Dream Wedding

Delightful Maui Dream Wedding

Hawaii has always been Taylor’s favorite place. After she had the opportunity to travel there in 2010, she knew she wanted to get married on the beautiful island of Maui. They decided to have a small wedding at the Westin gazebo with the theme colors of soft blue and ivory.

The vendors- They used the Westin Maui Resort & Spa for all their services, from the coordinator, Sarah Snyder, to her flowers, her bouquet, to a delicious macadamia nut cake.

Their minister was Fred Torres.  She used the wonderful ladies at the Westin Salon for her hair and makeup.

They had a bright red mustang convertible waiting for them to drive away after the reception…

Taylor looked just gorgeous in her Vera Wang dress!

From the bride, Taylor:

“Brandon and I met in the fun city of Atlanta. We had both recently moved to the city for our jobs, he a police officer and me a live-in nanny. We both decided to try online dating.
We started talking online and decided to meet in person for a walk at Emory University on September 9, 2012. We hit it off from there. We had a lot of memorable moments from being on the kiss cam at the Braves Baseball game to going to the fun festivals and trying the many wonderful restaurants in the city. We went on a trip to Yellowstone national park and the great Tetons. On June 9, 2013 two days after my 25th birthday, Brandon proposed at Jenny Lake in Wyoming next to a beautiful waterfall in front of my family. It was wonderful. It was time to start the wedding planning! On July 9, 2014, my dreams came true. I married my best friend and the love of my life in my favorite place, Maui Hawaii.”

1_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 2_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 3_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 4_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 5_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 6_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 7_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 8_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 9_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 10_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 11_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 12_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 13_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding 14_Taylor_Brandon_Tad_Craig_Photography_Westin_Resort_Spa_Wedding


Cathy & Bill speak from the heart on Wailea Beach

Cathy & Bill speak from the heart on Wailea Beach

Cathy & Bill speak from the heart on Wailea Beach. Planning a destination wedding is always quite a huge undertaking. Planning one in Wailea, Maui with all of your friends and family there to witness was not a problem for the Gerth’s family & friends who all gladly flew to Maui to help celebrate the joyous occasion.

Both Cathy & Bill are professional photographers from California, so I felt very honored that they chose me to capture their special day in pictures.

These two love birds actually met on-line in 2005 and had their first date in Santa Cruz, California. For the past nine years that they’ve been together, they’ve traveled to Maui every year and sometimes even twice a year. They couldn’t image themselves getting married anywhere else as Maui is their favorite place to be…They even want to retire there, which all of their kids are fine with because they will have a place to stay when they visit them!

The wedding took place on Wailea Beach, directly in front of The Grand Wailea Hotel and Spa.

On this particular day we were blessed with cloudy skies, making for nice soft~soft light us photographers always LOVE.

Immediately upon meeting Bill & his daughters I found we sort of had an instant connection.  Their playfulness with each other made for great photos right from the beginning. With the background facing South, we had just the best view of the entire beach & Pacific Ocean. Although there were lots of people on the beach I was able to clean the beach up making it look more intimate.

Rev. Tino Rosete ceremony was just perfect. He has such a great way of adding laughter with seriousness into his ceremony. Derick Sebastian was creating beautiful melodies with his Ukulele & his great voice and Cathy & Bill held each other & looked into each other eyes as he played!

Just Beautiful!

One of my favorite picture of the entire shoot was the look on Cathy’s face just before she kissed him during the ceremony. In that moment you can see she has just realized that they are officially married & looks at her HUSBAND for the very first time as WIFE to the man she adores.

Once they promised their vows to each other, we jumped right into all the family pics.

You could tell what a loving & close knit family they all are, just in the way they interacted & laughed with each other. This made for great candid moments that I just LOVE capturing as photographer. The evening was just about perfect with that big cloud keeping the light soft & the temperature cool. The group played on the beach chasing each other, snapping pics & selfies & immediately posting them to Instagram. These images they posted to Instagram went viral with hundreds of likes on them even before the day ended. Just shows how loved these two are not only with their family but also with all of their followers. The sunset that evening was definitely a hit and we got all sorts of great images from that time.

Thanks to Jackie of Tropical Maui Weddings for planning this sweet wedding, to Rev. Tino Rosete for his great ceremony & Derick Sebastian for rocking his Ukulele. Lois Hiranaga Floral Design made all of the Plumeria leis which smelled divine & for the tea leaf Lei Bill wore.

Was a terrific wedding where two best friends married & their extended family ALL BECAME ONE!


1_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 2_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 3_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 4_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 5_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 6_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 7_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 8_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 9_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 10_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 11_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 12_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 13_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 14_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 15_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 16_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 17_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_Wedding 18_Carthy_Bill_on_Wailea_beach_Tad_Craig_Photography_Tropical_Maui_WeddingMany Mahalos to all who helped making this wedding unforgettable!

Officiant – Pastor Tino Rosete
Wedding Coordinator – Jackie Tanaka- Tropical Maui Weddings
Photographer – Tad Craig
Musician – Derick Sebastian
Florist – Lois Hiranaga Floral Design
Butterflies – Merry Monarch Butterfly Ranch
Maui Wedding Cakes –


Breathtaking Sugarmans Estate Grand Wedding

Breathtaking Sugarmans Estate Grand Wedding

Breathtaking Sugarmans Estate Grand Wedding was very special.

Having dated for many years, Jessica & Matt were just beaming with excitement! I had actually shot the day before with them on the North Shore Maui, so I got to see first hand how giddy she was for her wedding day.  Her wedding took place at The Sugarman’s Estate in Makena on pretty much a perfect day! The weather phenomenon; us Maui People like to call “The Makena Cloud”, filtered the light making for soft-soft light & most importantly keeping it is just the perfect temperature. The décor was suburb with elegant touches all around including beautiful chandeliers & exquisite flowers! Wow the flowers were just so colorful & matching the napkins. Most of the table clothes were family heirlooms that generations had already eaten on. Speaking of family, most everyone on both sides were in attendance along. Some of Matt’s child hood friends were his best men.

The wedding was out towards the ocean, with palm trees all around, making for a dramatic background. Tino Rossete did the honors & with a beautiful ceremony accompanied by David Wolf on guitar. Just fabulous from beginning to end. Jessica was absolutely besides her self with excitement to saying her “I Do’s” to Matt in front of all these people. Her LOVE for him just shows all over her face in almost every picture. Of course as a photographer I just love witnessing & capturing these moments. They walked out of the wedding holding hands & wearing smiles from ear to ear. Again, it was just awesome to witness this!

With a ton of family picture done they took time to socialize with everyone. So warm & genuine from there very core! Suddenly a bright double rainbow appeared over a dark sky making for a sweet little moment. The sky continued to show off with a super fabulous sunset that Cherise, (form The Perfect Wedding) had SPECIAL ordered especially for Jessica & Matt. Jessica’s eyes lit up as she saw the intense colors. Of course I LOVE shooting for dramatic color & take pride in the dramatic sunset shots I create! Was a great sunset, well done Cherise! Mean while the guests were having a terrific meal catered by Aloha Events Catering. Speaking of I cant forget talk about the awesome Cupcake Cake that Jessica & Matt had instead of the more traditional cake. Thought the color with greens, blues & purples made for spectacular imagery!

Through the day both Jessica & Matt had been telling me not to expect to much from them for their first dance. So I was curious to what they had up their sleeve. Well it was obvious that they had practiced a lot & were actually pretty good dancers. They tore up the floor hitting all their moves perfectly! THEN they had the tie dance, which although I don’t know much about it, was fun to watch. ALL PEOPLE with ties on their heads dancing all crazy. What can be better then that???!

Congratulations again to Jessica & Matt for incredible start to your Happy Marriage! Thank you for including me in your most important of days! 🙂

A Hui Ho


1._Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 1.5_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 2_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 3_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 4_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 5_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 6_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 7_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 9_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 10_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 11.1_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 11.5_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 12_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 13_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 14_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 15.1_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 15.5_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 16_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 17_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography Tad Craig Photography, Maui Weding Photographer 18.1_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 19_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 20_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 21_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 22.4_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 22.5_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 23_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography 24_Jessica_Matt_Sugarmans_Estate_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography_Maui_Wedding_Photography


Wedding Coordinator: Cherise Vonae Shulman-The Perfect Wedding
Second Photographer: Marie-Claude Adams
Officiant – Valentine Rosete
DJ – Boomshot, Jay Langworthy
Stylist – Maui Makeup Artistry, Liz & Anna
Flowers – Maui Wedding Flowers, Valerie Spalding
Catering – Aloha Events Catering, Chef Belia
Wedding & Specialty Cake – Cake Fanatics, EmmaLee
Rentals – Pacific Isle RentalsTransportation – Akina Aloha


Breathtaking Sugarmans Estate Grand Wedding was very special.
Honeymoon Session at Wailea Beach

Adventurers Lilly & Don marry at Kapalua

Adventurers Lilly & Don Marry at Kapalua!
They both love the outdoors and have made a life of getting out there as much as possible. With a passion for skiing in Tahoe in the winter, cycling in the summer & many other sports, they have found this common bond with each other.
These adventures led to many trips all around the world to pursue their passions. It was on one of their many trips to Hawaii, (Kauai this time) that Don asked her to marry him WHILE SNORKELING!
He had the ring tucked in his shorts, pulling it out completing surprising her. She surfaced ripping her mask off & saying “YES I WILL”! Pretty sweet proposal if you ask me!

Moving forward to their trip to Maui to say their “I Do’s”… things went 100% to plan.
They had thought about a big wedding with all their friends & family, but decided that was not what they wanted. They wanted it simple, beautiful & perfect! This is what they got that’s for sure.
Having called me asking my thoughts, I assured them they would LOVE my friend Ernest Puaa. Ernest is definitely one of my favorite ministers specially for his soft spoken voice & skillful Ukulele picking. I also recommended Dellables Floral Wedding Design for the bouquet.
Their flowers, as you see were STUNNING!
Staying on Maui’s North West coast, they decided that Kapalua Bay was the spot for this little affair to happen. With all the pieces in place finally the day came.

Kapalua was pretty much empty on this particular day, making the experience even more special.
Ernest in his trademark soft spoken voice led them through the ceremony & they kissed, sealing the deal!
Married at last!
Wanting something a little different, I suggested the point in front of Merrimans Restaurant for sunset & they readily agreed. Upon making our way out there we were treated to a rainbow, amazing light & a little bit of wind making the temperature perfect.
I told you before that they wanted it “Simple, Beautiful & Perfect”. How perfect is that to get a sweet rainbow & spectacular sunset all within ten minutes???
Once we had finished up they made their way to their special table reserved for them at Merrimans restaurant for their very first dinner as HUSBAND & WIFE!
Awesome is all I can say! Terrific couple, totally head over heals in love with each other. Can it get any better then that??

Congrats Lilly & Don on your stunning wedding & thank you so much for including me in it!

Lilly’s dress: Designd by Free People/Limited Edition
Shoes: Prada
Jewelry: Designed by Sun-Dora purchased at Tamera Catz Boutique in Paia, Maui
Minister & Ukulele: Ernest Puaa
Flowers: Bouquet & Boutonniere by Dellables Floral Wedding & Design
Photography: Tad Craig Photography

1.1_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 1.5_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 2.1_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 2.5_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 2.7_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 3.1_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 3.5_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 4_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 5_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 6_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 7_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 8_Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography 9-Lilly_Don_maui_wedding_photographer_Tad_Craig_photography_beautiful_maui_photography

Maui Sunset Charming Wedding

Maui Sunset Charming Wedding

Maui Sunset Charming Wedding – November 5, 2013

Oceanfront location with a gorgeous green lawn facing one of their favorite ” windsurfing spot” , Yui and Kosuke just got married!

The Waipuilani Park, is located right in front of The Maui Sunset Hotel on South Kihei Road in Kihei.
They came last year, from Japan, to windsurf at Kanaha Beach and they fell in love with Maui so much that they decide to come back for their special day with their families and friends!

It was a very beautiful wedding with so many glamorous details, her gloves, his suits and ties…very elegant!
They had a charming ceremony and a delightful reception at Sarento’s On The Beach Restaurant on the South side of Kihei, very close to Wailea.
Big Mahalo to Yoko Naito for the flawless coordination.
Congratulations to you both!

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