From California to Maui: A New Adventure begins!

California adventure seekers Amanda & Jarrod, lovers of the outdoors and passionate for all things fun, make it official by marrying at The Beautiful Sheraton Resort & Spa Maui.

Both Amanda & Jarrod love hiking & mountain biking in the summer time, maybe some ATV riding , then once winter comes its ski trip to Tahoe every free weekend. All these fun adventures grew them closer & closer & then he proposed & here they are in Maui getting married!
Their wedding day was just about PERFECT, with hardly a cloud in the sky & that amazing BLUE-BLUE ocean we all love so much.

Jarrod and the rest of the guys got ready in one room while all the ladies primped in another. Amanda was GLOWING from ear to ear. She looked stunning in a dress that fit her magically & fabulous bouquet that had just the perfect complimenting colors!

She tickled her cute little flower girl till she begged for mercy. Made for great picture taking! Was a quick ceremony & finally they kissed sealing the deal! Amanda continued to glow with excitement. Her smile never disappearing from her face! Later we went around the gorgeous hotel over looking the water.

So many great spots to shoot unique photos. Was loving all the great moments they were creating.  I left one shot I thought was pretty funny of the empty beach except for one guy watching them kiss. Too funny! Don’t worry as I have that shot clean with no one on the beach as well. (lol)! Love the shot of them & the one awesome tree. Enjoy & thank you so much for including Tad Craig Photography on your most special day!

1_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 2_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 3_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 4.1_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 4.5_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 5_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 6_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 7_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 8_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 9_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 10_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 11_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 12_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 13_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 15_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 16_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer 17_Sheraton_Maui_Resort_Spa_Tad_Craig_Photography_maui_wedding_photographer
Maui sunset, Sheraton Resort & Spa maui, Tad Craig Photogrpahy
Maui sunset, Sheraton Resort & Spa maui, Tad Craig Photogrpahy
Maui sunset, Sheraton Resort & Spa maui, Tad Craig Photogrpahy

Location: Sheraton Resort & Spa Maui
Coordinators: Shelly Bright & Cherene Supnet
Bridal Hair & Makeup: Westin Resort & Spa
Florist: Asa Florals
Officiant: Keli”i