Haleakala is one of the most important astronomical viewing sites in the world. With the lack of big city lights and total isolation of the Hawaiian Islands within the Pacific Ocean, it is a spectacular and magical place. Sea to Summit it rises up out of the Pacific Ocean at 10320ft! Haleakala is steeped in Maui Mythologies and was once considered to be the home of the mother of the demi god Maui. It is a place of wonder, elegance and beauty. It can also attract some extreme weather patterned and very cold temperatures!

Michelle & John’s Haleakala wedding was a WILD one! 35 mph to 55 mph winds and rain squalls couldn’t stop Michelle & John for saying their “I Do’s”. They had grand dreams of marrying on top of the world. Unfortunately Mother Nature surprised us all with a huge storm that passed through the Hawaiian Islands with wind gusts stronger than I’ve even seen before! Even with the prediction of blustery winds & possible rain, Michelle and John were determined to have an amazing wedding, and they sure did.

Hoping to get some shelter from the storm, we first stopped to shoot at the 8000 foot level. There was bit of a wind shadow at this level, making the wind speed at about 20 to 35 mph wind instead of the 70 mph blowing at the summit. Despite the lighter wind gusts, the bride was still struggling not to get blown over at times! Her fiancé rushed over to help hold her up as the crazy gusts came through! What a hero…

When we got to the summit, the visitors’ center was empty & we quickly decided it was the best place to have the intimate ceremony. As the wind whipped through the open door & the rain pummeled the windows they said their “I Do’s”, with the passion and wildness of the Maui spirit the kissed and sealed the deal.  They held each other, enjoying the incredible moment at 10,023 feet above sea level. We watched as the wind blew the clouds past the windows & suddenly cleared. We managed to slip on the leeward side of the structure and use it as a wind block. We waited patiently for a clear moment and were eventually able to see the volcano down below us. If you look closely you will see a few of those pictures near the end. It was worth the wait to seek this epic view and to get the chance to snap a few amazing shots. Despite the wildness of the day, this wedding was an absolutely amazing experience!!!

What a great wedding story! Friday the 13th on the top of this wild windy world of Maui!

Congratulations on a Spectacularly Wild Wedding!

1_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 2_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 3_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 4_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 5_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 6_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 7_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 8_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 9_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 10_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 11_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 12_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 13_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 14_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 15_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 16_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 17_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 18_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 19_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography 20_Michelle_Jon_s_Haleakala_Wedding_Tad_Craig_Photography

Many Mahalos to Barbara & Kendall of White Orchid Wedding for putting this altogether! Also thanks to Tino Rosete for his bravery in a short sleeve shirt for his perfect ceremony. Beauty by Trisha took care of her hair & makeup which was flawless! Her Bouquet & his boutonniere were created by Teresa Sena Designs! #whiteorchidwedding #beautybytrisha #teresasenamaui