Mike and Jeran were so excited to be in Hawaii for their wedding! They came all the way from Wyoming to have their perfect gay wedding weekend on the West Side of Maui.  We started their amazing weekend with a pre wedding shoot starting at the Westin Resort and Spa Maui. They wanted to experience something unique and different and I knew just the places to take them! Driving north we ended up in in this amazing tropical forest, with gorgeous light peeking through the trees. We were all a little amazed at the beauty of that Maui moment. I think this came through in the photos very well. Continuing on, we stopped off at Pineapple Hill where again their jaws dropped when they saw the amazing trees. They laughed & joked the entire time making choosing images for this post very easy.. Later, we went down to the point at Napilli Bay. The weather was perfect and Mike and Jeran were having the time of their life, the perfect wedding weekend…

A few days later I arrived at The Westin Resort & Spa Maui greeted by the entire (exuberant) wedding party. It was so amazing to see this large group of people gathered together to celebrate these two. Everyone was just so happy to finally be able to celebrate Mike and Jeran’s wedding. They were so into photos that I was just snapping away, creating all sorts of memorable moments. Jeran even shared his happy dance with everyone, so glad I caught that one on camera! As the ceremony began with Lanai and Molokai is the distance, it was so inspiring that these two were finally able to become one officially and legally.

The entire evening was filled with love, happiness  and a crazy amount of JOY! Thanks to much for including me in your wedding plans & enjoy the images!

Congratulations Jeran & Mike!

02_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 03_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 04_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 05_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 06_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 07_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 08_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 09_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 011_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 012_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 013_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 014_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 015_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 016_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 017_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 018_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography  019_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography
021_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 022_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 023_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 024_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 025_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 026_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 027_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 028_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 029_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 030_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography 031_Mike_Jeran_Westin_Resort_Maui_Tad_Craig_Photography

Many Mahalos to all these FINE vendors that made this happen;
Sarah & Kuuipo, wedding planners from the Westin Resort & Spa Maui,
Fred Torres
Asa Florals,
Barefoot Minded,
KCK Entertainment, &
Heavenly White Doves
Hawaiian Style Rentals

Mike and Jeran were so excited to be in Hawaii for their wedding! They came all the way from Wyoming to have their perfect gay wedding weekend on the West Side of Maui.