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What an amazing day Larnie & Dane had as they readied for their long anticipated Maui wedding at Old Lahaina Luau on Maui’s West Side. They had been dating for ten years and this was the very day that they had met all those years earlier. In addition to this key anniversary, it ALSO happens to be Larnie’s birthday! What an AMAZING birthday present for her to marry her BEST friend on her birthday!

They had met in high school in Australia where he was in the class ahead of hers, but it wasn’t until they went to ‘Good Vibes’ music festival in Sydney, 2006 where they immediately hit it off and where they shared their first kiss!

Larnie had planned an oversea’s trip to England and as fate would have it, Dane was traveling overseas’s as well with his friends.  The met up and their love continued to bloom as they traveled to nearly 30 countries together.  They decided to live in Kings Cross, London and returned to Australia two years later where their dream of getting married in Hawaii began to take shape!

As a Maui Wedding Photographer, I was very excited to shoot this gorgeous couples’ wedding! The day started off with an unusual energetic north headwind blowing right into Old Lahaina Luau, but it did not detour this lovely couple as they said their vows and sealed it all with a sweet kiss. The waves were brilliant blue and the palm trees waved happily for the couple to join.  Larnie’s elegant wedding dress blew in the wind along with her gorgeous golden, red locks as she walked down to meet her handsome groom, Dane.  The flowers by Dellables Wedding and Floral Design decorated the arch very beautifully and the bouquet matched Larnie’s dress exquisitely. Kimo Kirkman united Dane and Larnie with his tremendous performance.  After the ceremony, we explored the luau grounds for all of the choice spots and found the Tiki man. Dane and Larnie posed with the Tiki man and Dane lightly kissed his new bride’s hand. Following the photographic adventure, Larnie and Dane had a champagne toast with their family that had also flown from down under to be with them on this special day.  I decided to take Larnie and Dane to a stunning jungle spot on the west side.  Once we arrived at the green, luscious forest, we found a few wonderful spots to display and capture their moments of immense love on their festive day. The old growth trees that live there make for spectacular pictures! Congratulations to this fantastic Australian couple!

Wedding at Old Lahaina Luau Maui
Wedding couple kissing with a Tiki Watching5._White_Orchid_Wedding_Old_Lahaina_Luau_Tad_Craig_Photography
10_White_Orchid_Wedding_Old_Lahaina_Luau_Tad_Craig_Photography11_White_Orchid_Wedding_Old_Lahaina_Luau_Tad_Craig_PhotographyWedding Coupl;e in Tropical Forest13_White_Orchid_Wedding_Old_Lahaina_Luau_Tad_Craig_Photography14_White_Orchid_Wedding_Old_Lahaina_Luau_Tad_Craig_Photography15_White_Orchid_Wedding_Old_Lahaina_Luau_Tad_Craig_Photography

Thanks to Jackie of White Orchid Wedding planning this sweet little wedding and Old Lahaina Luau hosting at their great venue! Also thanks to Kimo Kirkman for his poignant ceremony🌴👍🏿 Larnie’s gorgeous bouquet made by Dellables Floral Design! #whiteorchidwedding #oldlahainaluau #maui #mauilove #mauiweddingvenue @oldlahainaluau @whiteorchidwedding #mauiweddingphotographer #mauidestinationphotographer @dellablesfloraldesign @della_peacock @lahainawarriors_3 @larniesadler @caroleehigashino @borrowednblue #borrowedandblue