What is a Haku Lei?

Hawaii is home to the most beautiful flowers in the world! The Hawaiian Haku is a crown of flowers that is placed on your head as a headdress and is popular for weddings. The bride looks like royalty with this ornamenting flower headdress that compliments the dress and venue in which she is uniting with her partner! Traditionally, a white haku is worn but many brides have colorful haku’s made and look especially colorful on their special day, even color coordinated with their partner and color ensemble.  A bride will glow on her special day with these radiant flowers that will decorate her hair for her special occasion. You will adore your choice to wear a Haku lei!

1. Flowers are a woman’s best friend.

Tropical flowers are beautiful and adorned around your head makes you feel like a tropical princess. The flowers are ecstatic that they get to lay there and whisper sweet nothings in your ear before you walk down the aisle to your prince in waiting. Your sweet prince will look at your lovingly and kiss you and he will ponder how his dreams came true and how the woman of his dreams is decorated in the most beautiful flowers in the world and how you both will spend the rest of eternity together forever. He will never forget your flower crown and the memories that he will have of this unforgettable day.  Flowers are truly a woman’s best friend.  His day can’t get any better.  Neither can yours, you’re wearing a flower crown. You are the queen! The Flower Queen!

2. Crown Flowers are Elegant and Provide Gorgeous Hair in the Wind

If you have ever visited the Hawaiian Kingdom, you will know that the breeze is the ruler of the islands.  Makani is the term for wind and your hair will love to blow around in these gentle Hawaiian winds.  In case you may not indulge in the windblown look, flower crowns are for you!  By wearing a flower crown you have eliminated flyaway strands of hair just like that.  They are not only beautiful but delicately placed to keep your hair down! This is the best-kept secret on the islands of Hawai’i.  Your hair will look spectacular!

3. Your Bridesmaids will want to wear them too!

Do you and the girls get dressed up for a night on the town?  Matching lipstick, same color mini skirt?  What about matching flower crowns? This is the wonderful thing about having to decide what the bridesmaids will wear, why not include a Haku lei?  Many brides and bridesmaids have joined the fun by getting ready with champagne and flower crowns! This is one of the most enchanting ways to spruce up your Hawaiian wedding! You already had your Bachelorette party with these lovely ladies, (who know how to through a party) why not dress them up in the flowers that they deserve on your extraordinary day? Your bridesmaids will thank you and will always remember this special day!

4. Hawaii is unique that the flower crowns never go out of style!

Hawaii is known for the tropical flowers that call the islands home.  Some trends go in and out of style but here in the islands, flower crowns will be forever popular, stylish and represent royalty! Visitors from all over the world come to visit the islands and notice a style of freedom, ocean, greenery, and FLOWERS!  You will want to adorn yourself flowers especially for your wedding day!  There are many places to create your own Haku’s, our favorite place is Haku Maui in Makawao, Maui.  YOU can create your own haku with friends and family and sip on champagne with pupu’s (appetizers in Hawaiian)  and snacks on your lovely vacation or wedding.

5.  You can customize your own special look into your flower wedding crown!

Many ancient Hawaiians would make their crowns out of bird feathers.  Their haku’s were genuinely fabulous and gorgeous.  On your special day you may want to add a special touch to your flower crown, you could be like the ancient Hawaiians and add a special feather or something unique to you and your beloved!  Maybe a mini veil would look nice or a special trinket that you have saved for just this special occasion! You may want to consider something blue to perfect all of your wedding goals!! You can get as creative as you like!

6.  The type of flower you choose has meaning!

Ancient Hawaiians have meaning for everything. The beautiful plumeria flower symbolizes positivity! Sometimes arranging a wedding and your wedding day may become a little hectic.  It has been said that wearing flowers, especially plumeria flowers does sooth the soul and exude positivity. It is as if the little flower is giving you it’s blessing when you wear it around your neck and or as a crown.  It induces love, positivity, and elegance. Once you have celebrated your special day and have said, “I DO,” to the love of your life you can wear the plumeria flower behind your left ear to represent that you are married and your bridesmaids and or friends that are in search of the love of their life and are still single will wear the flower behind the right ear to show that they are available.

7. Wearing a flower crown represents ALOHA!

When you get married in Hawaii, it is different than any other place in the world!  It has its own feeling and you can’t get anywhere else in the world.  This is why so many people get married in Hawaii.  Almost 20,000 weddings were held in 2017 across this gorgeous state and every year the numbers are growing. By wearing a flower crown and getting married in Hawaii you are defining the word Aloha, it means many things, LOVE, CELEBRATION, HONOR, AFFECTION, PEACE & COMPASSION.  These are all wonderful terms and emotions that we share with our significant other and friends and family.  This is the best way to start out on your journey with the love of your life and always remember to live and practice ALOHA no matter where you are!

The earth laughs in flowers. Ralph Waldo Emerson

WRITTEN BY Teresa M 2018

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