The Svoboda Family was visiting from the south east US, celebrating their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary at the Fairmont Kea Lani hotel. What a great accomplishment and what a great family! They were all so excited about being together on a beach at sunset, in Hawaii. They spent the week enjoying the great pools, fabulous dining, manicured grounds & the gorgeous Polo beach all week. They had seen whales & turtles, but most importantly they were doing it all together as a one big family!

The evening we had our family photo shoot was just about perfect. Light trade winds flowed through the lobby of the hotel as well as that gorgeous window light that photographers LOVE. We made our way to the beach where the kids just went wild. They were exploring, running up & down the beach and having a blast. It was definitely one of the most fun photo shoots Polo Beach has seen in a while!. It was a spectacular sunset & the family could not have been any happier with the way the evening turned out! The very last picture was actually just one image from a series, of everyone trying to jump at the same time. I had my camera set to high speed and out of all of the images I shot, only in this one did they all get their feet off the ground at the same time. Good job Svoboda family on all lifting off at the same time!


Enjoy the images & thank you so much for including me in your family’s important milestone!


A Hui Ho Tad


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