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The White Orchid Beach House in Makena, Maui, is a stunning place and no matter how many times I have experienced it, each and every time I get goose bumps all over!!! It is so beautiful that every time I walk through the gate I look up in awe at the palm trees that greet you and the blue, ocean lapping the lava rocks creating a magical experience! It is absolutely breathtaking!

On this particular day, thick clouds blanketed the sky creating the soft light we photographers love! I could see the excitement when I met Karen in her room as she was getting ready and she seemed a bit nervous, but I reassured her to relax and enjoy the moment. Karen & Nadar had been dating for about three years and had been to Maui many times so that is why they had chosen this location as they both love it! Karen had actually lived on Maui before! When they were choosing a location they wanted it to be gorgeous, but they both had NO IDEA just how spectacular it really is until they got to experience it first hand!

Karen looked gorgeous in her dress that fit her style just perfectly. Right before the ceremony, there was a knock on the door saying there was a gift from her soon to be husband! It was wrapped so nicely in a blue box and white ribbon and she smiled so sweetly when she opened the box.  How kind of him to write a short note and have a nice little gift?!

She was walked into the ceremony by her two sons, she looked lovely with her veil pulled over her face and was greeted by the pleasant words of Al Terry who started the ceremony with the gift of laughter! Nadar held her hand and joyfully repeated the words Al spoke and finally the moment they both had been anticipating for so long was there! You’re now husband and wife!

The soft light of the overhead clouds was perfect for the first dance, group pictures & family shots we had to do and right on queue, almost like the coordinators Patty & Kendall had planned it, the sun began to peak from under the clouds and it decorated the entire coastline in the most delicious warm light imaginable! It was as awe-inspiring to see the beauty that presented itself and of course I took full advantage of it as fast as I could! However, that gorgeous light only lasted just a few minutes before it dropped behind the clouds and the soft light evening took over! The evening was filled with LOVE and Laughter & JOY & I couldn’t be happier to be a part of Karen & Nadar’s Lovely Day! Thanks for making TCP apart of your Maui Memories! Best of wishes on your new life together!


Thanks to Patty of White Orchid Wedding planning this sweet affair and Kendal as the onsite coordinator! Al Terry for his words during the ceremony, Asa Flowers for his bouquet, Manutea Nui for the Music and Paradise Event Rentals. @whiteorchidwedding @caroleehigashino #mauibeachwedding #mauidestinationphotographer #maui #borrowedandblue
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